some of the best kinds of weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by bmxrider4450, May 10, 2007.

  1. bmxrider4450

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    hey so i was wondering what kind of weed would be best for not being sooo dumbed out or anything. some weed that u can do with physical activity and have somewhat of a clearer mind and actually function? i have heard kali mist is really good for that? so yea thatd be awesome if u could help me out on that!
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  2. orange floyd

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    yea kali mist is perfect for that type of shit. most hazes too
  3. tokinsplinter

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    get some humboldt county trainwreck, that shit is like crack the amount of energy it gets you.
  4. josh g

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    Dude all you need is a few bowls of good ass potent weed! :jointsmile:
    The strains wont matter much until you become a heavy smoker. But if you ARE a heavy one..
    Yeah hazes are good for that, and some whitewidow or ak47.. ;)
  5. LIP

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    I'll answer the question you asked.

    You want sativa strains. Indicas will make you heavy and tired - sativas are a head high and will let you get on with stuff - most hazes are sativa, some of the skunk strains are sativa dominant, durban poison is another good one.

    Strains that are pure indicas or indica dominant are the ones you dont want if you have to get stuff done - strains like white widow, white rhino, northern lights, k2, kush, afghan strains are mainly indicas, hash plant.
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  6. xmk

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    honestly i think the only thing that will really help you function while high is experience. When i first started smoking i could barely work the tv remote while high, now i can do most anything while high.... also the amount you smoke probably has more to do with it then strain would, if i smoke an entire bong load im on a one way train to retardville but if i take about 3 good sized hits i get high but can still get shit done
  7. Frickr

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    i kind of got to dissagree with you there, there are alot better strains, i have had some California Chronic that was better then the White Whidow i have had. In my part of the country, most of the bud is nameless, you have to search high and low for the good strains, and when you do find it, you pay up the ass for it, we paid over $300 for a shorted zone of the chronic..
  8. LIP

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    White Widow is strong, but for some reason unknown to me, people seem to think it's the best. It's not far from it, but it's definatly not the best.
  9. bluntblaze

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    white widdow comes round my way quite a bit.
    chances are its not ww just some really good weed but the ww my mate braught back from the dam blew my brain out my through my tits:jointsmile: .
  10. LIP

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    LOL - I had some White Rhino Hash a little while ago and that was like getting hit my a dumptruck - twise. And then getting run over by a tank. That stuff was good enough to be used as anaesthetic.
  11. bluntblaze

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