Some pretty buds out of my stash

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by joshie1ooo, May 18, 2006.

  1. joshie1ooo

    joshie1ooo Registered

    These are a few of the choice buds out of my smoke stash... not sure of the strains but they were all very potent, tasty ladies :)

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  2. Taste??
  3. joshie1ooo

    joshie1ooo Registered

    The purple buds had a real nice almost berryish smell and taste to them, and man did they blow my lid. The darker green ones had a kind of piney smell to them, but the taste was awesome, better so than the purple. The lighter green looking nug was just some regular bud thats always around, but still a nice taste and very crystally :D will get some more pics on here soon.
  4. joshie1ooo

    joshie1ooo Registered

    better pictures

    Here are some of the same buds but with better pictures, and a tight picture through a loupe I took from a while back. Hope ya like

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  5. just me

    just me Registered+

    They look nice.
  6. VA KID

    VA KID Registered+

    Dank dew dank dew dank dew dew dew....
  7. Puff Piff

    Puff Piff Registered+

    lucky man. its cool to have a variety of different buds. u can smoke on different days:Rasta: :pimp: :smokin:...and compare the highz...haven't been able to do it lately myself. Enjoy it man.:thumbsup:
  8. joshie1ooo

    joshie1ooo Registered

    Yeah i kno what you mean...I should have some more pics up here of other that just came into town.. make sure to check back..
  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Lovin the quality and I like the 3rd and 4th picture the most, you really scored :D niiice man! :dance:.
  10. xblackdogx

    xblackdogx Registered+

    nice buds.
    -welcome to the boards
  11. Fabolous

    Fabolous Registered+

    that looks like that shit thats going though my area now :) shit tokes good!
  12. Chr0n1c 420

    Chr0n1c 420 Registered+

    Fabolous, your sig is pretty ignorant. You insinuate that rap is not "real" music, when you are wrong. Now I know you are probably talking about mainstream rap, which I agree is HORRIBLE, but that doesn't mean that it is not music. But if you were to listen to underground rap, (artists like Immortal Technique, Ras Kass, Talib Kweli, etc) You will realize that these artists are much different than the "rappers" you hear on MTV, and I would bet that you could appreciate their music if you expanded your horizons and listened to the deepness and emotion along with the high level of lyrical content they rap with.

    BTW those are some nice buds!
  13. BuenoMota

    BuenoMota Registered+

    They look wonderful.:stoned: :stoned:
  14. Loop

    Loop Registered+

    nice shit what kinda strain is supposed to be the one in third pic? any opinions? thanks
  15. myfav80

    myfav80 Registered+

    immortal technique is the shit... he actually raps about important shit that goes around in the world
  16. KEGS

    KEGS Registered+

    Lice looking nug's
  17. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    really dank looking nugs you've got there.

    Hope they smoked well...

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