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Discussion in 'Europe' started by 3s BEL, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. 3s BEL

    3s BEL Registered

    Is there somebody else from Belgium on this forum?
    Is hier iemand van België?
    Quelques personnes de la Belgique?
  2. Grotesko

    Grotesko Registered


    Hi, i'm also from Belgium and even Antwerp. Nice to meet ya.
  3. scorpia

    scorpia Registered

    Hi, ik ben ook een belgske uit de streek van kortrijk.
  4. debora

    debora Registered

    Ey, ben ook van antwerpen. En ben mij hier serieus aan't vervelen. ***
  5. KottonMouthSara

    KottonMouthSara Registered+

    Hey Grotesko...Im in Antwerp too...Just moved here from UK...finding it really hard to get green:( Any ideas?!?! Sara xx
  6. De Jos

    De Jos Registered

    hey kben ook van belgie :) rond brussel
  7. Grotesko

    Grotesko Registered

    KottonMouthSara, Welcome to Antwerp. Just get in your car en drive to holland, that's the way i do it. If you don't have a car, take the bus. It's a rather long drive, but hey, it's worth it. I don't buy green in Antwerp 'cos you can't rely on the quality.
  8. daarmpatje

    daarmpatje Registered

    hey ben ook van antwerpen :)
  9. KottonMouthSara

    KottonMouthSara Registered+

    Thanks Grotesko...Hey...taking the train to Roosendale is only 20 mins!!! I did that a few months ago...was really easy!!! I'm going again on monday the yellow moon coffee shop is like 1 min walk from the train station...perfect! Thanks again for the advice though!!! Take care xx
  10. esrabalamir

    esrabalamir Banned

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  11. Harvesthetic

    Harvesthetic Registered+

    Yep ook van Antwerpen! @Sara, seriously, it isn't hard to find weed in Antwerp :)
    Pretty soon you'll probably meet a dealer. If not: here's an option.
    In de "Van Kerckhovenstraat" (look it up maybe, near Central station), you have a lot of dark, dubious bars or "vzw's" where you can walk in and buy pot off some very stoned Marroccans. Not the best weed, but hey, when in Rome... ;)
    But of course it's best to take a train and go to Marijuana Disneyland, Holland.
    If you don't like Roosendaal, maybe the Kinky Corner or Miami in Bergen-op-Zoom is an option.
    Also, just been to Terneuzen, and I must say, coffeeshop Checkpoint is pretty great, and a few yards from there there's another coffeeshop called Miami. Good stuff! (not affiliated with Miami in Bergen-op-Zoom)
    Good luck!
  12. Grotesko

    Grotesko Registered

    @Harvesthetic: Can anyone walk in the bars and vzw's and just ask for pot?

    @Sara: Nice to hear you've got a supply-line, enjoy it!
  13. Harvesthetic

    Harvesthetic Registered+

    @Grotesko: idd, but you've gotta know the secret in and outs :p
    you might wanna try not immediately asking for pot since they then think your working with the cops, sliiide it in slow, and they'll check you out head to toe, and then give you some. The more you come, the more you receive for the same price.
  14. Freazy

    Freazy Registered

    jow potheads,ben van Menen :p
    Harvesthetic ,ik ben vroeger veel naar terneuzen geweest bij et zeetje!
    Checkpoint is de max en Miami is zeker ook de moeite voor de betere hasj soorten ;)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2005
  15. Blowboy

    Blowboy Registered+

    cool, ik ben van kortrijk, west-vlaanders boven
    kzitte nu wel op kot in gent mo ti wok nog sjiek
  16. tiewredeN

    tiewredeN Registered+


    Ik woon in nederland een goededag belgie,se buren
    Koppie koffie en jointje erbij :thumbsup:
  17. Blowboy

    Blowboy Registered+

    Anyone from Belgium still on these boards?
  18. Blowboy

    Blowboy Registered+

  19. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    kanten van Leuven :D
  20. saintwarrior

    saintwarrior Registered

    me too hello everyone.... woluwe st. lambert here .....

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