Somebody Help Me Decarboxylate My RSO

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by allaboutrso, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Hello all and thanks in advance...

    I have made two batches of Rick Simpson Oil using 99% ISO and the rice cooker method. I believe that I have NOT achieved full decarboxylation and I need help please...

    Here's what I did the first time:

    1. Grind up the herb
    2. Place herb in jar with ISO and shake for 3 minutes (500ml to an ounce)
    3. Filter the liquid - first through a mesh strainer and then through coffee filters
    4. Pour liquid into the rice cooker and set to cook. Then let it cook down until all big bubbles have stopped forming (took about 45-50 mins) ( A FAN WAS USED AT ALL TIMES DURING THIS PROCESS AND IT WAS DONE OUTDOORS)
    5. Poured oil into the little dipper crock pot and allowed it to heat until all the tiny bubbles stopped and there was no activity in the oil ( took about four hours - little dipper crockpot heats to around 140 farenheight)
    DONE... Tried a big glob of it and.... nothing??

    Here's what I did the second time:

    Everything was done the same as the first time EXCEPT I decarboxylated my herb before hand.

    1. Place ground up herb in pyrex dish on parchment paper with a tinfoil lid into the oven at 240 farenheight for one hour

    Made the oil the same as I would but with the decarbed herb, did a 5 minute wash though this time.

    Tried a huge glob of it and... nothing. I felt a high begin starting but then it disappeared rapidly.

    I am using this medicine to treat serious illness such as cancer and want to make sure that it is properly activated before using it.

    I even tried putting a bit of the oil in the oven at 250 farenheight for 30 minutes to decarb it and nothing...

    Please Help Me Guys!! What would you do...
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    240 degrees is probable what you should preheat the oven to, then dial it down to 220 for the actual baking. Plus an hour seems a tad long. I'd suggest googling for more information on
    Decarboxylating marijuana.

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