Sour Apple diesel??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Stoney21, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Stoney21

    Stoney21 Registered+

    Has anyone heard of Sour Apple Diesel? If so can you please give me info on it? Also has anyone heard of Fruit Punch? Can yall please give me info on this as well. The reason I wanted to know is because the guy is trying to sell me a quarter oz for $140. I got some Fruit Punch from him the other day for $120 for a quarter, and it was so f**king good. It was very very sticky, and crystals where all over the bud. So I know he sells good shit. He also introduced me to bubblegum. Which I love. BUt today he told me he has some Sour Apple Diesel and it is the shit. I am wondering if it is worth $140 a quarter. I have not seen it yet, but I am sure it is nice. Can yall please help me?
  2. TallulahGreen

    TallulahGreen Registered+

    You are payin' way too much for quarters. I mean, unless those are average prices for your area.

    I don't care how good that shit is, I would never pay more than 80$ for a quarter.
  3. don't pay for a name, pay for quality...
  4. Stoney21

    Stoney21 Registered+

    $90-$150 is the average cost for a quarter here; depending on the quality.
  5. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Prices are like 140-150 a quarter in NYC for very good quality. I cut down considerably due to cost, and the fact that I'd prefer indicas or hash - which are difficult to find unless you know the right people, which I don't. Hell, I'd be happy with some skunk at 250 an oz., if I could find it.

    Well, maybe I will!

    I'll get around to looking further in my area. There's got to be someone that has the right stuff. :thumbsup:
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  6. TallulahGreen

    TallulahGreen Registered+

    Move to Oregon :) I get ounces of indica for 200$.
  7. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    RULE#1: Remember,dealers will say anything to sell their shit
  8. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    $140 for 1/4?! No way!
  9. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    Its thread's like theese that make me proud to be canadian! I don't think you could even charge that much just for a freakin qaurter here! thats just insane!! 80 bucks a qaurter is the highest I have ever paid, and I will never pay that high again! 60 a qaurter tops, and thats high grade shit! :)
  10. orange floyd

    orange floyd Registered+

    my friend said he bought some "fruit punch" and "apple jacks" and that they both smelled exactly liek it..

    does anyone know if either of those are legit strains?

    and uh. i wouldnt pay 140 for a quarter of any bud. 120 isnt too ridiculous if its really sick chron though.
  11. Stoney21

    Stoney21 Registered+

    The dude is not just my dealer he is my friend/ex-partner. He normalydoes not make a profit off of me, and I know this because I use to mess with the same people. So he does not sell me bad. He can sell dro to me without the name. I buy from him regardless. I just need to know the info on the strains.
  12. i still say don't pay for a name... cuz unless you are growing it yourself, or personally know the grower.. there's probably more htan 50% chance it's not even the strain named...

    hell for all you know, what he thought he was buying was the exact strain he told you it was... but it's someone higher up on the chain that added some bogus name to it...

    that's exactly why i say don't pay for a name.. you'd be suprised how many people buy shit like 'white rhino' or 'northern lights' only to get mids...

    if it's good buy it, don't worry about the name, cuz like i said, there's a pretty good chance it's not even what it's said to be in the first place.
  13. Stoney21

    Stoney21 Registered+

    Oh yeah almost forgot.... When he went to get the stuff the dude only had 1/4 of Sour Apple Diesel left, and a lot of Sweettooth. So my friend charged me $120 for the Sweettooth, and gave me a gram of the Sour Apple Diesel (He kept the rest for himself). Well I have to say that this Sour Apple Diesel is very nice. It taste very sweet almost like candy. And it is so crystalized it looks white from some angles. And the hairs are so light orange almost like a white orange. It is very nice smoked .25 gram with 3 people and we where all pretty stoned. I would buy this it is nice. Well thanks for yalls help.
  14. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    the name sounds made-up but if its great bud and you like it go right ahead. Still if you just paid a few more twenties you should be able to get ounces. This deal sounds suspect, get more

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