Sour Diesel 9 Weeks Into 12.12

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by razzapiggy, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. razzapiggy

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    Here we go folks... just a few pictures for you fellow bud lovers. This is my first grow, it was done under 2000 watts, temps kept around 72-75 and relative humidity never gets over 55%.

    I have 29 plants total, guessing I am going to get around 1.25-1.5 pounds - obviously hard to tell from pictures that can't cover the entire garden.

    Anyhow, hope you all enjoy these pictures!

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  2. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    P.S Forgot to mention, I vegged for about three weeks which I found to be way too much. Because of this alot of the plants are a bit cluttered, so I have to imagine that may cause a bit of mold, hopefully not though. I have two fans going, going to add another tomorrow. Hopefully with good air flow I won't run into much mold at all. Because of the clutter-ness though, I was unable to get to the middle plants, which have most of the large colas... but most of em look fine and tasty to me!
  3. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Title of thread should read Sour Diesel 8 weeks into 12.12 not 9 weeks. LOL, I'm getting impatient.
  4. divestoned

    divestoned Guest

    lookin good bro

  5. evlme2

    evlme2 Registered+

    Looks good. All 29 plants are females? If so, you should get more than 1-2 pounds. Exactly how much is hard to tell but surely more than 2 poinds. Goodluck and definately keep us posted;)
  6. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Damn that's nice but how do you manage to run 2000 watts lol? I just want to know because when I do a indoor op I wanted to use a 400w but I know that I could get way fatter denser nuggets using something like 1000 watts and 2000. So help me out :).
  7. DBot3000

    DBot3000 Registered+

    Nice lookin' ladies. I am jealous. How much do you think you'll yield?? Later on.

    MOBABN Registered+

    only 1-2 elbows off 29 plants?
  9. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Well, the yield is usually representative of how many lumens per square foot you are getting. I could have 40 plants in there, but if only 29 are getting good lumens, will the extra 11 increase my yield a whole bunch? Probably not. In general you are supposed to get a pound per 1000 watt lamp, however I figured since it was my first time I would get less than that. Know what I mean? Thanks for the compliments though guys
  10. J-dubb206

    J-dubb206 Registered+

    Those are some amazing looking plants you got.
  11. Grape Ape

    Grape Ape Registered+

    Nice plants man, they are lookin danky. :Rasta:
  12. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    OrangeMan~ a 1000 watt light can be used on a regular 15 or 20 amp circuit in your house. They take up a ton of energy, so be ready for an increase in your electricity bill if you do decide to run one. I reccomend you do a bit of research on electricity and how it works, then you could better understand how to run a 2000 watt grow. You need to bring more circuits into the room, as you can't rely on the one 20 amp circuit to run all your shit

    15 amp circuit can handle 1800 watts
    20 amp circuit can handle 2400 watts
  13. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I'm just trying to get something right. So you live in a normal house and you're running 2000 watts and you haven't been suspected or anything yet? I'm just wondering because I don't think I'll be doing 2000 watts since I'll probably only have like 4 plants at a time, maybe 5. But I know I want 1000 watts if not 400w, it's either one of the two. But please help me get started to understand this just a little bit more because I know I'm not gonna be anywhere that allows me to do a safe outdoor grow but I want fat buds once I do decide to do an indoor grow so help just a bit more plz with light info xD.
  14. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Yeah I live in a normal house and grow 2000 watts. I have a medical need for marijuana and the state that I live in granted me a license to grow it- so I'm really not doing anything to break the law as far as the state is concerned. The feds? Little different story, but they aren't coming for someone growing 2000 watts, they are looking for the large commercial growers in this area.

    You should buy a book on indoor marijuana gardening. It helps a ton
  15. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Oh I already know what I need to know about indoor cultivation I just know that I'm a mostly recreational user and the medical problems that it could be used for, for me aren't really considered serious enough by the law lol. It's just that where ever I decide to grow I know any watching knows that 1000w's + the other wattage in the house that might be going on is like...suspicious lol.
  16. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    I'm not sure I agree with you on this one friend. The County I live in has made it legal to grow as much as 99 plants for medical purposes, that's 4000 watts. Plenty of people do that safe and sound, and many people abuse the system and go WAY over the 4000 watts and alot of the time get away with it. To give you an idea of what really causes lots of suspicion where I live...I ahve heard of one bust in the last three and a half years, and they were running 70 thousand watts. THAT draws some attention.
  17. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    LOL yeah I hear ya. Well maybe I can get away with a 1000w grow then in the future! I dunno I just want fat, potent buds and I want to take advantage of the plants capabilities as much as possible and I know if I could afford it I would use way more than that. Hell I don't even know if I will be able to afford that many wattage for growing lol! But thanks for the help, I'm not even gonna ask what county it is you live in but I must say you are lucky in my eyes lol. Legally being able to grow your own plants..I mean I know there is a downside since it's only for people with real medical problems but man...I can imagine that being legal for recreational users lol! :stoned:
  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    God damn that's a lot bro lol. Wow I honestly don't even see why I would even need 5 lb's lol! Even though I don't want to deal if I had 5 lb's I'd seriously have to get rid of some of that.
  19. dusto2k3

    dusto2k3 Registered+

    Yeah you can get 5LKB is you make it like a friggin tree, but who wants that inside. Razza uses SOG so that shit works great. I have one too, and am hoping for like 1.5-1.75 lbs off 32 plants with 1K HPS
  20. dusto2k3

    dusto2k3 Registered+

    Razza, did you start with seeds? Did you isolate a good pheno? How did you get your garden started.

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