Sour Grape Kush

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    I just picked up this strain at Wellness Center of Denver today and OMG I absolutely needed to post about it. Apparently this strain is [Grape Ape x Chem08] x [Purple Kush x Chem08]. I guess this strain has not had a lot of lime light. When I saw it after I got it I had to go home and check out the genetics, I couldn't believe it.
    Well, I just tasted it and I think I should write a review on it.

    The nugs are HUGE for one... light green in color with pale orange hairs.
    Pretty good density but has a slight outside dryness, but when cracked open the middle of the flower has kept its moisture.
    The smell is amazing. So strong that you can actually taste the sour grape aroma in your mouth. MMmmmm. Its more of a fragrance than a musk smell.
    The taste compliments the smell very well. I smoked it out of my Volcano at a temp. of 4.5. (I have the dial-temp Volcano). The vap really preserved the taste.
    The high kicks in immediately with a rapid onset of a head high. Clear headed though, not a foggy haze of what the f&*$ is going on-kind of head high. Nice low sedation with a tingling sensation. Real nice high.:thumbsup:

    I'd really go check this strain out guys. Its a keeper. I hope I find a seed! haha. :jointsmile::jointsmile::hippy:

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