south lake tahoe's short lived dispensary

Discussion in 'Northern California' started by growinforthefuture, Feb 5, 2009.

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    There was a dispensary open in South Lake Tahoe for just over a month, from its opening in december until 3 days after Obama took power on like the 23rd or so, anyways it was a strange place, sold lots of random herbs like cats claw and mugwort, and salvia divinorum. Anyone could go in and have a look you just couldn't purchase cannabis without a a verified reccomendation. anyways local (el dorado co. and the DEA raided the place took about 10 lbs of herb and made no arrests.
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    south lake tahoe,
    has been the training grounds for the dea and other law enforcement for decades!! ofcourse their going go and steal any co-ops meds and shut them down ASAP !! can't let that happen in their training grounds !! too bad its a violation of our constition by the very people assigned to protect it, as soon as they mess with a co-op that has enough money to protect theirselves and goto court, they will beable to sue the dea and win. hows the new co-op doing that just opened up the week after they busted the one your talking about, they claim they are there to stay and prepared todo battle in court with the dea !! ya whooooooooo :jointsmile: someone needs to standup and hold them accountable for their actions.
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    What do you mean SLT has been the 'training grounds'? I had heard the DEA has an office in town but that is all i have heard. Please elaborate.
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    ya man did'nt you know that doh! the area they train in is by the airport !! becareful :thumbsup:
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    Hope you get well soon. This has gone on far too long!!

    I love Tahoe and knowing what you said, really sucks! Guess we need a list of these DEA places.

    Makes you wonder though--must be a great place to grow!!! I know the hiking is difficult level there. The fishing isn't!

    Wonder if BHO has included them in the effort to stop wasting tax dollars for that stuff. And, I think of all the meth labs around here, makes me sick. I have never been around that stuff, but I am familiar with the smell--especially if I go to the stopngo in the middle of the nite! Too bad using cannabis for training isn't part of their LEO minds! P/R :hippy:
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    I think the mistake that they...

    made was not being a partner and speaking with the local LE before they opened their doors...

    I know that this sounds crazy, but there are 2 clubs in the SF Bay Area, and one in the foothills that makes this practice a part of their business to go and speak with LE management, and work with them on addressing any, and all of their concerns.

    From what I hear they have not had any unscheduled visits, and they even have LE occasionally come in (unannounced) for visits. It freaks out customers, but the staff and club management all tow-the-line and have not had issues so.....

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