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    what is the average amount of space a plant needs? I almost think I read somewhere about 1.5 sq ft per plant but cant remember.
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    Depends on many factors; Inside or outside? How big do you want them? Whats your timeframe? Plants tend to reach toward light and with time will eat up all available space.
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    plant area

    You need to not only consider area but also lighting. 1000w will cover 25 sq ft, and depending on genetics, and growth, you can fit 8-12 24" plants. one of my moms takes up half that, but she's 4 months old.
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    there is no "average" Tiny. for flowering i put 4 clones in a 12" x 12" space, friends of mine put one clone [veged longer] in the same space.other growers can LST one plant and make it cover 10 square feet or more. in short a plants "need" for space is determined by the grower not the plant.I'm refering to indoors of course, outdoors is a whole different ball game i'm not qualified to comment on as my experience is so many years past .
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    Your Mom is four months old? I thought we had young mothers in the UK:)
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    This is just me but 1.5 sq. ft. equates to only 9" radius for your plants. If my plants are only 18" circumference I don't want more than 1 plant in a space this small, and no more than 3' to 3.5' high at time of harvest. I believe that anything that is worth doing is worth doing right however in the real world money or lack of it determines how "right" one is able to set up a indoor grow room. I have a natural green thumb so maybe I've been lucky. My first two grows were outside and produced slightly over 12' tall plants after having pinched them at aproximately 2' to produce two main terminal buds that were each over 12" long and averaging aproximately 1.5 pounds per plant, all bud. Grown in the south and harvested the first of November prior to the first frost. There was a lot that I didn't know such as the thc actually begins to degrade the longer it grows. (Had it not been for the frost I would have kept growing forever). One thing that I did even in an outdoor grow was to remove what I call the fan leaves, so that the sun, which I recently found out produces around 10,000 lumens per square foot, could reach the lower portion of my plants. This was instinctive for me as I knew nothing of light requirements at the time. My plants the last month prior to harvest looked nothing like weed. They were nothing but buds, almost unreconizeable even to me when I would go to water them. I was moving them constantly every week or so due to unwanted visitors. Plants this large are a lot of work in that they can drink 1 to 2 gallons of water each, per day. (When you're toting water this is a lot) I just recently began growing under lights indoors, so I've had to do a lot of studying to learn necessary skills, yet again I've been lucky in that my plants look like miniature trees from the seedling stage on up. I had to learn about forcing the flowering process which is dependent upon your lighting that you can afford. I initiate flowering at 1 to 2 months tops. This due to the flowering stage doubling the height of my plants. And since money was such an obstacle for me, I was unable to purchase HID lights, so I began under one 48" HO T5 with 8 bulbs. I've not yet purchased a light meter, which is next on my list so at the time I wasn't sure how tall my harvested plants could be therefore the 1 to 2' at time of flowering. This is starting to get long winded so let me just say that control what you can meaning the container for your plants make it as large as possible so that the roots never touch the sides and no possibility of being root bound exists. Healthy roots equate to healthy vegetative growth. I cannot emphasize the need for nutrients enough, which includes your water as well as the quality of light used. Get the best you can and grow to the capabilities of your lighting system. The rest you will pick up as you go. By the way my initial cost for this system was around $800.00 this to me was a huge amount of money of which $300 went to organic nutrients. My light system was Aprox. $350.00 miscellaneous tools and necessities were another $150. I don't believe that it can be done for much less than this, but one could certainly invest a great deal more, thus money determining the size of your grow room.
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    Detailed response, good info, but yes...a tad long-winded, lol.

    $300.00 for nutrients...? :eek:
    Wow. It would take me over 3 years to spend that much on necessary nutrients. Perhaps 2 1/2 years if I include the molasses and phDown. (and I'm caretaking for 4 of us)

    Air circulation and light penetration should be considered when determining spacing, but necessary space is strain and technique-specific. If you don't top, or only top once, you can possibly get-by with (5 gallon) pot edges touching. If you top 'em twice, or train 'em out (twisty tie training) you'll need more space between pots. Also, keep in mind having to reach over plants to water the ones in the back row. not a big deal when small, but get's more difficult as they get taller. Allowing more space between pots lets you slide 'em around out of the way.
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    i have the same Q but there lowryders i only have 530MMX670MM per box
    and how much air flow?

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