Spaghetti marijuana

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Purple Banana, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Purple Banana

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    This is a good recipe I have concocted and perfected over many years. Variations include replacing the spices and sauce with Spatini (if you know what that is, it's really good), or varying the spices to one's tase. It's all good!

    I've found I (and many others) enjoy the taste of weed mixed with something more suited to its flavor, like sauces and whatnot. Brownies are all well and good, but it can be unpleasant for me at least to eat them, as the flavors contrast greatly.

    This is what you need.

    1lb of NON LEAN ground beef. The fattier, the better.
    Newman's Own Tomato Marinara sauce- comes in a jar
    2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
    2 tablespoons minced dehydrated onion (like McCormick brand)
    2 tablespoons oregano
    1 tablespoon garlic salt
    2 teaspoons hot sauce
    2 teaspoons ground black pepper
    2 teaspons (if desired) hot pepper
    1 box of pasta
    1/8-1/4 oz of ground/minced cannabis- try using non-fruity varieties, it will bring the taste out much better!

    -Defrost the ground beef if frozen.

    -Heat up a large pot of water on high- add 2 tablespoons of salt to help with the boiling

    -Bring a saucepan of the olive oil to a simmer on medium-low

    -Add cannabis, and simmer for 20 minutes until oil is a golden color

    -Add ground beef to saucepan, and chop it up with the spatula

    -Keep mixing the beef and cannabis oil until well-blended, and the meat turns from pink to brown

    -Add the pasta to the water pot if it is boiling

    -Add all spices to the saucepan on top of the meat. Mix well.

    -When spices are mixed in well with the beef, add the jar of Newman's Own to the saucepan, with a quarter jar of water (Add the water in the used jar, and shake to get the excess tomato sauce out)

    -Simmer the saucepan on medium until it begins to boil (it's a sloppy boil), then turn to medium low for 5 minutes

    -Make sure pasta in pot is as soft or as tough as you like, and strain through a collander

    -Add a splash of olive oil to the pasta after it's done straining- this will keep it from sticking

    -Scoop pasta on your plate, drench with meat sauce, garnish with parmesean cheese, and ENJOY!
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  2. hello3pat

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    This sounds sooooooo freakin yummy ^.^

    Edit: what type of hot sauce do you use
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  3. Purple Banana

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    Texas Pete's, or Tabasco works well...
  4. notransfer

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  5. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    With this method how long does the high last?
  6. rnichilo

    rnichilo Registered+

    that would be awesome to smoke: get the munchies, and eat this lol
  7. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    It lasts about 6-10 hours for me, less if your tolerance is high, but great tasting, nonetheless.
  8. lilbella82

    lilbella82 Registered

    does it smell when cook it like weed?
  9. napolitana869

    napolitana869 Registered+

    do you think you could do this without the meat if you use more olive oil?
  10. DistantToker

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    my girlfriend and I do this on special can't smell the weed or have that nasty after taste from most baked goods. I recommmend it highly. Great recipe :) :Rasta: :hippy:
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  11. go toke up

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    that is a great idea! someday, i shall make that
  12. Bob the Awesome

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    Great recipe, I gotta save this...
  13. budsmoker only

    budsmoker only Registered+

    props for the recipe, gotta try this when i have all those ingrediants.. haha
  14. Purple Banana

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    Napol- yes, you can definately use more olive oil in place of the ground beef, it would work great :)
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  15. Leo_420

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    sounds great, always wanted to experiment with pasta. peperoni lasagna sounds promising
  16. 28ganja28

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    damn....spaghetti marijuana soundz illin as fuck....this is deff a nice recipe to pick up........:thumbsup:
  17. MonkeyBone

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    Doin' some this week-end. We will be ~10 persons. Is 1 ounce of grass enough?

    It will be a little less than an 1/8 each. Maybe less if there is sauce left after the dinner!

    Own experience with eating grass is with butter and cookies. Only leaves and stuff. Not realy buds. And it kicked in for 4-5 hours after eating 3-4 cookies!

    So I hope that it will be great!

  18. StickyfingahZ

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    Thank you for this recipe,I am gonna try this out soon,
    Can I substitute the 1/4 oz weed and fattier meat for cannabudder?
    I have some cannabudder in my fridge I could use.I was wondering if I use that,and a leaner meat.
  19. HeadieMan11

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    Dude! This is one of the most amazing cannabis recipes ever. I made this last night at around 6:00, called my boy downstairs and we dug in. Me and him were feircly tripping by 8:00. I felt I reached my peek at aroun 9:00, but my son on the other hand said his peak was around 8:30. He has much less tolerance then me though, as we only smoke on fridays(together, I smoke everyday.) My high lasted till about 3:00 AM, and my son passed out around 2:00. Overall, this was heavenly tasteful and divinely stoneing. Thanks for the great recipe Purple Banana!
  20. Jlopez243

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    Without ground beef???

    How do i make it without the ground beef??

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