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  1. Dnutz

    Dnutz Registered+

    Hey all, im looking for a strain i can grow that will produce nugs that when dried and cured will actually pop and sizzle when smoked! lol im really high right now so if it sounds dumb my bad...but i am really interested in when there is out there!
  2. iNHALE.xHALE.

    iNHALE.xHALE. Registered+

    magical weeeed?..

    uhm..either that or stuff your shit with seeds..but i wouldnt recommend it

  3. ganjzilla

    ganjzilla Registered+

    yeah never heard of anything like that

    SMOKEnCHOKE Registered+

    Regardless of strain I don't think dried and cured bud will crackle unless like inhale said there is seeds. They give a nice pop. If you want a good pop take the charge out out a party popper and roll it up, Bang!

  5. FireTheft

    FireTheft Registered+

    just let your grow become invested with spide mites, seeds, the works :)

    ....honestly, never heard of such a thing...not sure why you'd want that anyway!
  6. ismokealldaylong420

    ismokealldaylong420 Registered+

    rofl you must be pretty high:stoned:
  7. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    if you smoked pot that 'sizzled and popped', it is because it wasn't flushed before harvest ... the pot was contaminated with the chemicals ... smokes like shit ... you need to smoke something good ... :wtf:
  8. Shadrockbjj

    Shadrockbjj Registered

    try making bubble hash I think that would be right up your ally with the whole sound effect when you smoke it thing
  9. Megatron

    Megatron Registered+

    This is 100% true. unfortunately I have come across crap like this one too many times. You can always taste it, and it sizzles and pops like its covered in pesticides and fertilizer. YUUUKKKKKKK!!! This my friend, would prolly be the last thing you wanted your finished product to resemble. laterz..

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