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    I was very interested on the use of cannabis to treat asthma. It just didnt seem right to me that cannabis could treat asthma due to the amount of coughing i do when inhaling through smoking or vaping,so i did some research. Here are some things i found.

    The New England Journal of Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal, published a 1973 study titled "Single-Dose Effect of Marihuana Smoke. Bronchial Dynamics and Respiratory-Center Sensitivity in Normal Subjects," by L. Vachon et al., that stated:

    "Marijuana smoke, unlike cigarette smoke, causes bronchodilatation [expansion of the air passages] rather than bronchoconstriction [narrowing of the air passages] and, unlike opiates, does not cause central respiratory depression.

    Donald P. Tashkin, MD, Professor of Pulmonary Care at the University of California, Los Angeles, stated in a 1975 article titled "Effects of Smoked Marijuana in Experimentally Induced Asthma" in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine:

    " After exercise induced bronchospasm, [exercise-induced asthma] placebo marijuana and saline were followed by gradual recovery during 30 to 60 min, whereas 2.0 per cent marijuana...caused an immediate reversal of exercise-induced asthma and hyperinflation."

    Daniele Piomelli, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology at the University of California at Irvine, told Reuters in 2000:

    "We think that by targeting cannabinoid receptors in the upper airways we can control coughs in a number of conditions...That's important because most treatments currently available basically act on the brain cough center, a small region of the brain that is the target for codeine and similar drugs ."

    Normally when i can feel myself starting to have an onset of asthma related breathing problems i tend to blame cannabis and as a result lay off for a few days.During those few days my breathing tends to take a turn for the worse.Going to look into those strains mentioned for treating asthma and see if vaporizing in small amounts will help me.If you have anymore strains with good results for treating asthma post them please.
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    my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome's 2 cents

    I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the associated insomnia for almost a decade.
    I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as well.

    Hindu Kush: anti-anxiety
    NOT great for insomnia NOT horrible

    Holland's Hope: great for insomnia. It is the knockout hammer you seek. Slow to develop a tolerance to.

    AMS (by GreenHouse Seeds): treats extreme anxiety
    gives you energy

    Maui Wowie: great for Attention Deficit Disorder
    comparable to adderall but only in the good ways
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    Hydro is a good weed that i have come across alot recently and started really focusing on what it does. It helps with stress and reliefs my pain and makes you laugh at everything. I haven't found this on any medical strain guides ive come across surprisingly
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    anyone else?:pimp:
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    Northern Lights and MS

    Hey Stinky Attic,

    I have MS and have been growing strains that I thought might help. Was surprised how much Jack Herer helped with walking and getting thinks done. Great mood elevator and helping with coping.

    I have also used Northern Lights to ease some of my hip/neck leg spasm and pain. Northern Lights seemed very good at relieving pain and allowing me to stretch better. I chose it because of it's higher than average CBD's.

    I saw "Auntie Em" listed as a treatment for MS - have you tried it? If so, do you know HOW it helps with MS? I mean pretty much any weed can make a person feel better, but some seem better to get one moving than others do. I'd be delighted to hear about any experience you have with MS and MJ. It's almost time to get new plants, so this would be a good time to decide.
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    Report: White Widow & OG Kush

    My wife has some almost untreatable migraines and nausea, for which she chews sumatriptan like candy, and her nausea meds are supposed to be for AIDS patients only. They are both only marginally effective. Unfortunately, so have most of the strains of mmj we've tried so far. :( We won't even consider her pain, retinopathy and retinopathy-related vertigo. We're both types who get almost no benefit from opiods, to boot.

    Then she got to try some White Widow this past week, which absolutely killed her migraines dead! :thumbsup: We both found it energizing, in a way, too. No couchlock, for sure. Didn't do a damn thing for the original patients' migraines, btw, so YMMV, as always.

    This weekend she tried some OG Kush. She'd been trying Afgooey and other Afghan strains for the nausea, to no avail. The OG...:Rasta: The Afs were all good for making us both not particularly care how crappy we felt, though!

    Now, Northern Lights is up for testing. We'll report in eventually. The goal, of course, is to stock a small medicine shelf with targeted strains for what ails both of us.

    And so the Great Work continues...
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    Good for insomnia

    I am looking for a strain to help with severe insomnia. I have had some luck with Private Reserve Black Diamond (mostly an indica strain). Hoping to find a way to be able to get back to sleep quickly in the middle of the night.

    Any suggestions?
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    ive found that bubba kush is really good for sleeping, that is unless you wake and bake with it.....
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    Help with strain(s)

    Hello, I love your site and I am trying to find the best strain(s) for my fiancée. She has Friedreich's Ataxia which is a rare inherited disease that causes nervous system damage and movement problems.

    She has scoliosis in her back and the rods she had inserted as a child to straighten her out some are now bent. An officer mistook her for someone bad when her father was shot and stepped on her back.

    She suffers severe pain, but also needs something that will coat and protect her nerves so she degenerates slower. I am not sure if you know this much about strains, but I figured if anyone would even have a clue, it sounds like it would be you people.
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    Does anyone have any info on silverspur?? Cant find anything!!
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    I had a very indica dominant pheno in this pack that was also great for anxiety and yielded pretty well...forgot to mention it cuz its a freebie but it also did wonders for my anxiety...the sativa pheno i had was absolutely horrific tho in terms of anxiety causing it to sky rocket out of control...so basically the NLx indica-pheno from Grow Shop Alien

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    You should try making her some oil google search phoenixtears Im in the process of starting my 1st batch
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    I hope she's doing ok Have you read up on "The Cure"..?
    There are better/safer ways of making it just google "hemp oil"

    Peace & Good Luck :)
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    The wife has parkinsons and we find that strawberry cough on the average day does really well to alleviate the regular medications side effects........when she needs a little more green crack is good....
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    My favorite in the photos is L. A. Confidential and Trainwreck.

    In Autos I like Mi5 and Pakistan Ryder.
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    admittedly, I am new to this but for treatment of neuralgia (nerve pain) and arthritis I have found that NYC diesel is awesome for pain and insomnia due to pain. Can't smoke it during the day though, lol. I've also had some nice daytime experience with Blue Dream and OG Kush. any suggestions for strains specific to nerve pain relief?

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    might want to search for it or start your own thread iworshipdirt. some older threads get buried pretty fast.
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    I found grateful casey, lsd, & purplehaze work well for pain. I still goof on all of the strains out there. To think there was a time when there were only two types of weed, good & shit.
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    thanks for the advice mal & mike. i've been busy in the garden - the vegetable kind, lol and have to take advantage of the nice weather while i can. funny, but the more physically active i am, the less medication i need for my arthritis. sucks getting old.:smokin:
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    Am I late to post?

    GIRL SCOUT COOKIES to get stuff done!
    OG for COUCH LOCK!
    ALIEN KUSH unpredictable
    CACTUS COOLER best tasting FLOWERS to date!

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