Specific Med Strains, Specific Uses! Nice list.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by stinkyattic, Feb 12, 2007.

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    So Im growing a bag seed and I'm using 250 watt hps and have a very good suply of air intake and air exhauste and am using a 32 gallon pot my plant is huge and looks beautiful is there any way to tell if it's a haze or lush or a general strain or am I fucked and will I never know what it is only general charecturistics I can obviously tell is indica as for a vast majority if not all street bud but do haze/sours/kush/ etc have any general charecturistics
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    Thank you Stinky for the listing. It is interesting and helpful. :) We'd love to help you find great products and assistance. You can visit our site https://www.potvalet.com/ or call 1-800-357-1314.
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