Spider mites.. *pics*

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Have a Cigar, May 6, 2007.

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    So a few families of spider mites decided to make my babies their home and im looking to wipe them out. Both sides of my cabinet have been mildly settled upon. On the flowering side I immediately took action, buying No pest strips and spraying them down with warm soapy water for the last few nights, but with no avail. I have an environmentally safe insecticide that says its safe to use on fruiting tomatoes, should I use this? I really don't want to go paying 20$+ on some organic stuff when I have it here.

    My plants are 3 weeks into flowering, good nutrient uptake/soil/air conditions, I see the white spots on some of the leaves and on the underside there are tiny mites crawling, most of them are dead but the eggs won't die. Need some help here, any suggestions on some hard stuff that I could pick up from home depot/ lowes/ hydro store appreciated, thanks all.

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    Don't fool around and waste time with spider-mites...they can wipe out your crop before you can blink. Buy some super good spray (I like Fox Farms Don't Bug Me) make sure it is safe to use on flowering plants. Use it as often as they say. Do EVERYTHING you can to get rid of them asap.

    Spider mites are the worst problem in the world imo......I'd rather deal with ANYTHING else.

    good luck. ;)
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    :( ohhh dear the dreaded borg!! dont know if you fellas get this product across the pond,its called sb plant invigarator i use it myself and it kills spidermite by drowning them on contact,usually the eggs hatch every 3/4 days so just keep sraying till their eradicated its also usable on flowering plants,might be worth a try googling it.


    Here you go SB Plant Invigorator
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    Thanks, ill look into getting some for my next grow. im spraying them down with the miticide right now
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    I had good luck with "Garden Safe" brand "Fruit and Vegetable Insect Spray". It's less than $10 and comes in a turquoise green spray bottle. I used it every other day on my new grow after the last grow was basically wiped out by the borg. This grow, no trace of them! I sprayed both the plants and the soil and I am reusing my soil (hey, Mama Nature does not toss her soil each grow- why should I?). Of course, I grow in 19 gallon tubs, so it's not like the plants suck up all the nutes in one go. Just went to flowering about 2 weeks ago and all looks well!- Granny:hippy:
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    I went with schultz miticide, its basically just neem oil. Sprayed on both plants yesterday... no new bug growth on leaves, seems to have ceased. I'm going to spray it every night first with warm water.. then dry.. then miticide then dry and put back.
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    When I have to deal with the dreaded mites I use this:

    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar
    1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
    2 drops dish detergent
    1/4 Teaspoon Epsom Salts

    Take a cup of very hot water and dissolve the Epsom salts,take rest of ingredients and place in a clean 2 liter bottle and let work out. Add Epsom solution. Add water to fill to 48ozs(3/4 full). Shake well.

    TO USE: Cover soil/medium with plastic,with lights off mist plant all over, especially under leaves,

    Wait 20 mins, then spritz off with clean fresh water shaking as much water off plant as you can.

    The fresh water spritz rinse will remove the solution along with the dissolved remains of the mites and their eggs. This is VERY important any remaining solution can cause a mild burn to the plant, not to mention who wants to smoke dead mites and such.

    Watering the plants 1/2 hour before spraying will help keep your plants from absorbing the spray.

    Recently used on some ladies 7 weeks into flower with no harm other than browning a few hairs which were shortly replacecd.
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