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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by BudLuv420, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. BudLuv420

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    I got a big problem, I'm drying at the moment & those buggers. What can I do besides the obivous & wipe them down, any tricks that I can do to get rid of them. Any help would great
  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    Not much you can do while drying.

    What kind are they ? Red-spidermites or the dreaded two-spotted-spidermites ?

    If they are red ones I would bomb the place a few times with doctor dooms or any pyrithrum even the timed release.

    If they are two-spotted mites then I would get Azamax or I think Azatrol. They are concentrates of neem oil and mix well with water. This is the only thing I can find to fight the two-spotted bastered from Hell.
  3. BudLuv420

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    They are clear in color, almost looks like the trichrome but they were moving:( I know I was flying high as a kite last night but those suckes are even on the string the babies are drying on.
  4. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    Are they clear with two little spots like a saddle on the adults ?
    Those are the ones from hell and you really need to stay on top to get rid of them.

    I would most likely bomb with an pyrithrum bomb. Pyrithrum is all natural and will dissapate in about two hours then let them continue drying for a few days just to air out.

    If your going to keep growing in the same place you need to do what I'm doing. Cleaning and spraying the whole place using Azamax. All plants in the mother room sprayed and azamax added to the rez water to be an antifeedant. Then all clones will be dipped in a solution of azamax. I have had a hard time completely getting rid of the buggers but this plan will work.
  5. emilya

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    a natural spider mite preventative

    I am curious if anyone has tried something my mom and I used to use on our azaleas who seem to be a favorite food of spider mites. Upon finding the infestation of course we used the poison spray (not acceptable on something I might ingest) but we followed up with a natural remedy that was extremely effective. We lined the outer edge of the soil in our planters with a solid and thick row of cinnamon! It seems that spider mites hate cinnamon and will not cross that line, no matter how tasty the treat is on the other side.

    Has anyone tried this on our plant of choice? I guess it would be important to know first if this can affect our plants and if it would possibly add any taste to the end product. I have seen the remedy work against the bugs... and if one was prone to infection I would think it would be worth a try as a preventative.

  6. Jord0713

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    if you hang your bud (especially on hangers) apply a product around the top of the hanger called tangle foot. as your bud dries, the mite naturally crawl up and out. they will all journey to the top of your hanger where they will get caught in the tangle foot. This will keep them little buggers from spreading, kill the ones on your hanger, and once dried you should be bug free ;)
  7. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner


    Oh yes! We also used that before we found cinnamon. Very effective and I can definitely see the effectiveness of this on hangers. I think we used the natural cinnamon because my mom was a cheapskate... and you might have wondered where I get it from :)

  8. Jord0713

    Jord0713 Registered+

    I'm A cheapo too!! $7 will get ya a tube of tanglefoot :) A tube should last ya a very long time :)

    TANKJR Registered+

    You can actually wrap duct tape around the "bottom" of the stem sticky side out and hang them upside down and the lil fuggers will stick to it and die...wrap it tight so they can't get under it, you don't wanna be spraying stuff that's already drying.....the lil fuggers will always try to go up! Also lower your temps in the drying room...at 70 degrees it takes them 30 days to reproduce (hatch), at 60 even longer, at 90 it's only 3 days...I always have some duck tape around and you can buy a lot of it for $7....quack quack! :D Hope this helps!

    Hey Emmie....I have not tried the cinnamon thing, but if I ever see the lil bastards again I will....Thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:
  10. khyberkitsune

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    Cinnamon must be actual cinnamon, not cassia bark, or it won't work.

    But yes, cinnamon oils are caustic and toxic to spidermites.
  11. BudLuv420

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    I cant tell if they have spot to small & I have no magnifying glass either. I was using azamax before I starting drying but they came back with a vengences. Also if anybody ever used rubbing alcohol with water?
  12. khyberkitsune

    khyberkitsune Registered+

    I use water + alcohol as a starter knock-down spray because it is very short-lasting. After that, I hit once with floramite SC in the proper mixture, then a couple days after that I use neem oil mixed with soap and water.

    Seems to work like a charm, well for now, that is.
  13. LOC NAR on probation

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    One of my bud's said you could kill them out with C02. Put the drying buds in a sealed room or container and gas them up with co2. Keep it at 1500 ppm's for 24 hours. No toxins. He should now he has smoke millions of mites. LOL

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