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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by THC7, May 4, 2006.

  1. THC7

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    I was told that I have a small case of spider mites. How the hell can you get rid of them? Thanks for any input.:confused:
  2. dialtone420

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    I think if ya put a couple of drops of dishsoap in a spray bottle and shower them daily theyll go away. Dirty loven spider mites of hell!
  3. Gen

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    here you go. I have used this for white fly infestation and it works. Follow directions. It's supposed to work for spider mites too.

    Mite, bugs, powdery mildew.

    1/4 cup Baking Soda
    1/2 cup Apple Cider vinegar
    1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
    2 drops dish detergent
    1/4 Teaspoon Epsom Salts

    Take a cup of very hot water and dissolve the epsom salts, take rest of ingredients and place in a clean 2 liter bottle and let work out. Add epsom solution. Add water to fill to 48ozs(3/4 full).Shake well.

    TO USE: Cover soil/medium with plastic,with lights off mist plant all over,especialy under leaves,
    Wait 20 mins,then spritz off with clean fresh water shaking as much water off plant as you can.
    The fresh water spritz rinse will remove the solution along with the desolved remains of the mites and their eggs.

    Have fun with your new "Mite Eradicator"

    Note by MrFixit: Water plants 1/2 hour before spraying. This will help keep your plants from absorbing the spray.

    This solution has been tested and used as directed will not burn plants,the rinse is very important though as it removes the spent solution before it can concentrate and burn the plant. It also removes most of the dead mites and eggs so you don't end up eating them.

    The formula can be diluted further,to 1 liter and it will still kill the mites but isn't as effective at dissolving and removing the mite parts.
    Since removing the mite debris is desirable,I recommend the stronger solution,just remember to rinse and shake.
    This formula is alkaline(about 7.8-8) so please remember to rinse.
  4. yaarea41510

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    neem oil and pyrethrum seems to work okie but you gotta constantly shower your plants for weeks on a 2-3 day basis and even so...bitches will come back. To exterminate for good is a difficult task. I'm experiencing mite infestation the last 3 batches. I've only reduced the mites but have not contained the situation. If your plant are still small dipping them in AVID works well..
  5. Opie Yutts

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    Forget all that crap.

    I battled spidermites for years. Good lord I hate them. They can take months of serious effort and destroy it in a few days. I tried everything under the sun including the stuff mentioned above. All that stuff kind of works. The trouble with spider mites is stuff that kind of works only makes them mad, and then they get together and vote to really screw you over even more than before.

    Here's a little tidbit for you that many people don't know about. There is no way that rinsing and spraying and fiddling about will kill all your spider mites. Leave just one male and one female in your carpet or on your pants or in your cats hair, and in a couple of weeks you will see that all your efforts were for nothing. Spider mites have this wonderful defense mechanism where by some of them burrow deep into stuff like soil and rockwool. There they lay and wait. What are they waiting for you may ask? They are waiting for the next change in the light cycle that goes from veg to bloom. Then, just when you think that they are definetly gone because you haven't seen any in a few weeks, there they mysteriously are again. Mother fuckers.

    If you want to continue the rest of your natural born days as a weed farmer to battle them, then go ahead and do the stuff mentioned above. If you want to spend 30 seconds to get rid of them for good, then follow this advice: Buy a No Pest Strip (at Fred Meyer, Walmart, etc.) and set it in your grow room for 3 days, then when your light cycle changes to bloom then next time, and the little bastards come out to play again, do it again. At this point all your spider mites will be gone for good.

    I didn't believe it untill I tried it. I only wish someone would have told me about it 3 years sooner.

    Be careful if you dip them as mentioned above. Pull your lights way back for a few hours afterward or much of the plant will get burned.

    And no matter how strong the urge, never ever bring home a plant that has spider mites on it. If you visit a grow room that has spider mites, burn your clothes before coming indoors.

    Kill them suckers quick! A "small case" of mites very quickly becomes a train wreck.
  6. bongerstonerd00d

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    Anyone tried ???????

    The good bugs from BHG you can buy to rid plants of spider mites ?? They "say" they seek out and destroy all the active mites, as well as the eggs.

  7. yaarea41510

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    so opie where do place the strips... on the pots or trays?? or just anywhere?
  8. Opie Yutts

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    I have tried good bugs too. Several kinds, and shitloads at a time. Some work better than others, but like the neem oil, soap and other stuff, they KIND OF work. If you want to KILL them for good hang or place a no pest strip in your grow room. If it is a big grow room or green house, you may want 3 or so. I would probably double whatever the directions call for since the strips aren't real expensive. I don't think it matters where you place it. The toxins will permiate the air and seek the suckers out wherever they are. Use as little ventaltion as possible while using the pest strip, but I still had a lot of air exchange and it worked on my mites.

    I spent a little over $500 trying to use good bugs in my 3' x 3' closet, and all it did was nock them back a little. I spent, I forget, but it was under $30 for several pest strips, and 1 killed them, except for the ones that hybernated until the next light change, which I killed with a second strip. If you want to try good bugs, get spider mite "destroyers". They are bigger than the benificial mites (like a very small black ladybug) and do a much better job in less time. They are also more expensive.

    Whatever you decide, take action fast. I think they breed within 3-5 days after hatching. Good luck.

    There. I have saved you several weeks work of man hours. I will mail you the bill. No wait, glad to help. No charge.
  9. Opie Yutts

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    If you want to try natural stuff, other than benificial insects neem oil works best.
  10. yaarea41510

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    good advice..I will give pest strips a try and hope for the best..

    p.s. If you're gonna buy beneficial predators..DO NOT buy any of the triple threat spidermite predators..they don't work worth crap, at least not for my buddy and I. I wasted $58 for nothing..definitely get the black ladybug (mite destroyer) I heard they work and each one eats a shitload of mites a day..40 including eggs.
  11. latewood

    latewood Banned

    pyrethrum is the best way...you just have to adhere to a strict regimen of spraying then waitin and spraying to kill the hatchlings...

    another note, If I may? Always dip you clones in a weak diluted pyrethrum solution before you/or, as you transplant them for veg. This will keep them away in the 1st place.

    hope you get some use out of this info. lw
  12. Opie Yutts

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    My experience has been that pyrethrum or anything in that family is the best spray or dip. By best I mean kills the most mites, but of course neem oil is the best in the "natural and safe" category.

    pyrethrum is the best way...you just have to adhere to a strict regimen
    Since you are not going natural anyway, wouldn't the "best way" be to spend 30 seconds 2 times instead of a "strict regimen" many times?

    To me the best way to solve a problem is the way that properly fixes it in the shortest amount of time. I guess that's because other than my family and my health, my time is the most important thing that I have. I guess if you just like spending time with your weed project, go ahead and spray and dip. I already spend too much time with my weed project. I'll use a pest strip again if I ever get mites. I'm pretty sure that they are gone now for good. That's what pest strips will do for you. Praise (insert your main religious figure here)!

    And now, fun with pocket microscopes:
    Of course everyone has one of these. They're only $8 at radio shack. You really need one to look at trichomes. Thats how you know when to harvest. Well anyway, one day after administering the pest strip look at the mite eggs. You will see babys killed dead in their tracks as they attempt to emerge from the eggs. Ha ha, very funny. Take that you fuckin little bastards.
  13. yaarea41510

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    mites are not that bad...snap, crackle, pop...LOL
  14. THC7

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    I used 2 pyrethrum bombs about 6,000 square feet of coverage and hung 2 pest strips and within a week there was no sign of any spider mites but that doesn't mean they are laying and waiting to come back. Garden is doing great and no sighn of destruction.
  15. oldsanclem

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    The Bug me

    pyrethrum spray every 5-6 days for 3 weeks to kill all aspects of there growing cycle.:dance: :dance: :eek: Pyrethrum is photo sensitive so the light will disapate the stuff. The problem with mites they come from every where and anywhere. Using a intake fan keeps the room at a positive pressure so they have a bitch of a time getting in. I use a wooden frame with a pantiehose over it , then a normal airfilter , THEN a hepa filter. (the little bastards not make)
    Here is a simple box made of normal 11-1/2 shelving and some strips of pine. You need to put extra strips on the sides to make it 12-1/4 that way you can use simple 12 x24 inch filters. make a frame out of 1/2 in lumber to streach the panty hose over. I change the filters out every crop. The only time I mites is when somebody brings them in. :mad: :mad: :mad:

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  16. Opie Yutts

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    I used 2 pyrethrum bombs about 6,000 square feet of coverage and hung 2 pest strips

    That'll do it. But you didn't need the bombs. Better safe than sorry I guess. You should not see any more (unless someone brings them in) until the next light change from veg to bloom. If you are lucky you won't see any more ever. Just repeat the process if need be at that time, and that should be it forever. Yeaaaah. Just be real carefull about bringing them in again. I wasn't kidding about burning your clothes if you go to an infested grow room. Also if you can, scrub down completely with a neem oil solution or something. Use pyrethrum if you don't mind going steril.

  17. misk

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    hmm can somone describe or post a picture of a spider might?

    i recently lost a plant to wat i thought was baby spiders and theire webs, but now im not too sure if it was just a spider (thought it was a jumping spider coz ther was one living in my laundry)

    i think i have 2 types on mine now. one is a tiny lil black thing with legs coming out the front and the other is a spider of some sort but extremly tiny, still a baby i think.

    i will buy the no bug strips tomorow and hopfully theyl die.

    bastards :(
  18. misk

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    fuk, i just checked under my leaves......lil white eggs every where

    these strips better work lol
  19. Opie Yutts

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    If you have spider mites you should see white specks start to show up on top of the leaves. This is where they eat the plant (from underneith though).

    The strips will work, except for a very few varietes of mites that have built up a tolerance to those insectacides.
  20. the image reaper

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