Spider or Spider Mites?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by ConanTroutman, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. ConanTroutman

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    Hello,I guess individuals have asked this a million times but I'd really like an experienced opinion. Im running a 2 plant (soil) scrog under cfls and I've noticed one or two strands of web from one leaf to another and on the screen itself near the frame.

    Freaked!But I've carefully searched for mite damage and I cant find any.I also tried shaking the plant over a white sheet of paper but I couldn't see any moving things or really anything at all..

    Basically,I reckon (really really really hope) thats its just a small spider somewhere in my box, we get loads around the house..I'd just like to hear some opinions or advise from ye all please.btw I've already read through the whole spidermite thread.
    Thanks and peace.
  2. BeFree

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    Just keep a damn close eye on them ladies.

    I've had a basic furry black fly spider take over the veg box once or twice.:jointsmile:


  3. syde00

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    If you can get your hands on some neem oil, it makes a great preventative spray against them. I've only seen it at one gardenning store locally, but I imagine they sell it at pretty much all hydro shops, and finding it online would be pretty easy.
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    Neem Oil is nasty stuff, and seldom rids the spidermites, anyway (yes, I am what you call a 'Neem-hater' :D) ... IF you have an insect problem, just hang a No-Pest Strip in the room ... watch for spidermites with a strong magnifying glass, on the underside of the leaves ,,, but, I think you already know that ... a regular spider, is always welcome in my garden :smokin:
  5. ConanTroutman

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    Great guys, thanks for the advise.Don't yet have a loupe or big magnifying glass unfortunately.But I've keep a careful eye on them I cant find any sign of more web or damage so touch wood its ok.Yeah I've heard the wonders of No-pest strip but I dont think I can get them where I am unfortunately.

    Fingers crossed I guess,Thanks again.
    Good Growing to ye!!
  6. syde00

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    reaper, why is it that you say neem oil is nasty stuff? i think this is actually the first negative thing i have read about it. Wondering if theres something to it that I don;t know.... I know its not a good idea to use it during flowering, especially towards the end
  7. the image reaper

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    I say it's nasty, because it is :wtf: ... I never had to use it, because I use a No-Pest Strip :thumbsup: ... however, several times, I have helped my friends apply it to their plants, and watched as it failed to get rid of the spidermites, after 3-4 weekly applications, (as advised) ... even after flushing, thoroughly rinsing, and a couple weeks to dry, etc., you could smell and taste the Neem on it :wtf: ... my buddy gave me a few ounces of his treated White Widows ... I thanked him, tasted it, and threw it all in the trash ... and, he still had spidermites ... that is why I'm negative about that crap ... as to not reading negatives about it, keep in mind, online Forums are full of 'parrots', that keep repeating things they've read, and have no experience with ... they mean well, are just trying to help others, but sometimes repeat faulty advice ... good growing !
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    yeah.. thats actually why I asked about your opinion of it :) I used it a couple times on my ladies during their veg cycle, but being the first time I used it, I did stay on the side of caution and used slightly less than the recomended amount... for me after a couple days after the spray i couldn't smell it on them anymore, that doesn;t mean its totally gone and smoking it later however might be a different story... but since I have not sprayed it at all during the flower cycle and thus none has ever gotten on the buds... I can;t imagine i'll have a problem there.

    I have however read some good reviews of it from some other highly reputable people on these boards like yourself, which is why i was really interested in your opinion... i like to have all the facts!

    I think this was one of the posts I read before, and with stinky being more or less considered a grow goddess around here, I kinda took that opinion at face value:

    mind you it is nearly a 3 year old post and her opinion of it could of changed in that time however.

    I can;t believe you threw the couple oz's out! shoulda extracted the thc making cannabutter! though i suppose the neem oil would dilute into the butter anyways... not sure if swallowing the stuff even in very small quantities is any good for ya.. but considering we are talking about having probably at most 1 milliltre of neem oil sprayed on a plant per application - 90% of which would be on foilage if applied during flower which wouldn;t be going into the butter anyways, I can;t imagine it it could possibly do a whole lot of harm or alter taste of the butter that much (not that cannabutter tastes good to begin with lol!)

    anyways... this is getting kinda borderline thread jacking but thanks for telling me about your experience with it :thumbsup:


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    try clicking the "New Thread" big blue button in the top left corner when you are viewing the appropriate section of the forum that you wish to create the new thread in

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