Spinosad problems?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by beavercleaver, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Greetings and thank's in advance for any assistance. I am new here and a newby, personal MM grower.

    I had a thrip issue that I treated with the Monterey Garden Spray (Spinosad) at week 5 of flowering. The thrips seemed to be fairly localized in one section of plants, I treated the entire garden however. At the same time, the lights (1K watt HPS) were lowered down to a radiant leaf temp of about 90F. at the recommendation of what I thought to be an expert. I had them about 10" higher prior to the recommendation.

    Something went bad. Plants took a serious dive over the next week with several standing dead (these seem to be the same plants that were suffering the worst of the thrip infestation) Leaves yellow from tip, working inward and the leaves are flat out croaking in place. In retrospect, I think the thrips were hurting my ladies much less than I did.

    The buds are within several days of harvest and are still very dense and looking good. The plants look like death.

    Did I kill them with the Spinosad? I observed the mix ratio and application directions very carefully. Obviously, I have done something stupid.

    Thank you all so much for any insight.
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    I am shocked beavercleaver, I have used spinosad before with zero ill effect. How much did you use per gallon? Spinosad is known to be non phytotoxic, that is to say, it shouldn't matter if your spray with your lights on. It's the only thing I have ever sprayed in my life with the lights on. When I sprayed I didn't raise my lights, but my temp at the top of the canopy is 75deg, with my plants almost touching the lenses.

    I will also say I've never used it in flowering, but that's not supposed to matter with it either...

    In my opinion, there must have been too much spinosad in the mix. I use 60 mL per gallon...

    Hope this helps, sorry you're hurtin'
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    I just realized you didn't say if you sprayed or poured it into you media. If you did the latter, that would explain the death too as your not supposed to let spinosad get to your roots.

    Either way you should definitely flush like hell. It's probably your only recourse.
  4. beavercleaver

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    Thank you BrekLoft.

    I sprayed. I believe the mix ratio was 2 oz/gal. It may have been 2ml. Sorry, i can't remember. I do know I observed the ratio, which don't mean I didn't still screw it up. I will look later today as I don't grow at home.

    I really think that it is another issue other than the spinosad. It croaked the bugs with a quickness. I use Advanced nutes and made what I think might be the rude mistake. I just came upon a HUGE mistake I made with Sensibloom. I use additizer pumps and I pre-mixed the A&B together in bulk storage. I just read that this is a big no no. I have seen some crystalization of that pre-mix in the bottom of the tank that holds that mix. I would bet that it does the same thing to the root system. In any case, it sounds like I did dumb. :(

    Why do I get the feeling that I did this to myself? UGH.

    Oaksterdam weekend seminar, here I come.

    I believe that the real problem is me. I did not learn enough about this process until I started having problems and I am still way short on the basics needed to pull it off correctly.
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    I know this is an older post, But it came up in google search results.

    I'm wondering how accurate this reply is?

    I thought soil drenching with spinosad (ex:Monterey Garden Insect Spray) was OK

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