Splifted's Guide to Making Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Splifted, Nov 13, 2006.

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    This is the best way to make a small portion of hash oil using nothing more than schwag, you don't even need good weed to make great oil. The better the weed, the more oil you get though. All you need is a little less than a blunt's worth :D

    One day I long ago when I still lived with the parents, I wanted to get high but I didn't want to go anywhere to smoke, and I had been reading up on hash oil so I decided to give it a shot.

    I decided to go with the honey oil technique where you use butane as the solvent. Butane > alcohol cause all of it evaporates off at room temperature very quickly. To only extract THC and no chlorophyll or other plant matter using alcohol you have to keep the alcohol cold which slows down the extraction process immensely. You can heat the alcohol and make it go faster, but sacrifice quality. Since butane is very cold when its liquid, it works perfectly without extracting the extra junk. I'm not sure why this works, but I read a very long article about the cold extraction technique I'll see if I can find it later.

    Anyways, the plans for shit on the internet called for 1.5 ounces of weed and some pvc pipe to make an extractor, neither of which I had at the time, and I still didn't feel like leaving. Then I looked at the ink pen I was twirling in my fingers and a light bulb went off. I ended up making a miniaturized version of the extractor using a pen and a pipe screen. It only holds like a small blunt's worth of weed but it makes more than enough hash oil to get you high a few times over. Perfect for not wasting tons of weed to make it :dance:

    1.) Clear plastic pen with a metal screw on tip and solid end cap. (http://www.officemax.com/max/soluti...rodBlockOID=537036034&expansionOID=-536907928)
    2.) Metal pipe screen or coffee filter.
    3.) Can of butane for refilling lighters. Make sure you get a decent brand so it doesn't have a lot of impurities in it.
    4.) About 6" square piece of foil.
    5.) Nail or something small and sharp
    6.) Small towell or work gloves;


    1.) Take the ink cartridge out of the pen. Cut a small pipe screen into quarters and put one of the quarters inside the metal screw tip. Use the ink cartridge to push it in. Make sure it covers the hole.

    2.) Heat up the nail and burn a small hole in the end cap of the pen (opposite from the writing end). While the hole is still hot, stick the tip of the butane refill can into the hole to form the hole to the size of the refill tip. You want it to seal pretty good, so don't make it too big.

    3.)Pull the end cap out of the pen and put the metal tip back on. Grind up the weed as pretty fine, but not powdery, and stuff it into the pen from where you removed the plastic cap. Use the ink cartridge to pack it down. You should pack it tighter than you would think. Make sure you pack every half inch or so, don't wait untill you got it all in or you won't be able to pack it uniformly. It is important to fill it as full as you possibly can. Any gap will give the weed room to blow around inside the pen once you start extracting it. Make sure you pack it where the weed will be touching the end cap once you put it back on.

    4.)Take your piece of foil and use a coke can or something as a mold and make a foil bowl or cylinder. This is what you will collect the butane in, so make sure it won't leak. Hold the pen with a towel or some work gloves to keep from getting the cold butane on your hand. Hold the metal tip of the pen over the foil bowl and insert the refill tip into the end. Press it and hold it, like you were refilling the pen like its a lighter. Ideally, if you packed the weed tight enough, it should take a couple seconds for the first few drips of yellow ass butane to come out the tip. If the butane just blows right through, you didn't pack it tight enough and it won't extract it properly. It has to be submerged in butane, not butane just passing past it. Keep running butane through untill it is coming out the pen clear.

    To speed up the evaporating process, you can simply set the foil bowl in a bigger bowl full of room temperature water. Room temperature water is more than hot enough to make the butane boil off pretty vigorously. Once the butane is all gone, you should have some sticky yellow goo and probably some condensation on the foil. The best way to smoke it is to rub another bud in the yellow sticky stuff and smoke it in a pipe. You can smoke it straight off the foil, but that makes me feel like a crack head, although you do get a straight one-hitter quitter high from the hit you get.

    The very very best way to smoke it is using one of those glass pipes that tweakers use for smoking dope. The metal tip of the pen fits right in that little hole on the side of that ball at the end of the pipe, and you squirt the butane right into the pipe. Then you let it evaporate off as always, and use a lighter to heat it up til all the hash oil pools up in the bottom of the bulb. Then you just light it and vaporize the hash oil and hit it. You can get several uses off one extraction :thumbsup:

    I'll post pics of how to do this step by step once I get a camera. This shit my friends honestly couldn't believe came from shitty schwag. Definitely a neat trick for turning some shitty weed into a few hits of fire.:thumbsup:

    Feel free to ask questions, I understand its hard to graps without seeing it, but once you do it one time it makes perfect sense.

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  2. using shitty brick-mids, how much oil could you expect to get out of one pen load? like give me a size refrence, BB, marble, ect ect.
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    Its not solid hash, so its hard to give a size comparison. Its more like a sticky yellow goo that is sticky like liquid pipe resin but that smells like honey. If you extract two pens worth into one of those glass pipes like I was talking about, you get a fat dime sized puddle in the bottom of dark yellow goodness. Even though you'll like like a crackhead smoking hash out of a tweak pipe, it is the perfect way to do it. It vaporizes it as opposed to burning it, so you get a better hit.
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    Well, as far as practical usage, usually 3-4 people can get high from one round. Its amazing how you can actually feel it in your face by the time you breathe out if you ghost a hit (hold it til you don't even blow out that vapor) even thought it was just some shitty brick. Like you know how you can only get so high from smoking brick weed? Well, it doesn't feel like brick weed at all. You honestly have to try it to believe it, my friends all called bullshit and thought I was crazy til I made them hit it. It kinda is a creeper, like you can feel it in your face by the time you're done coughing, but you keep getting progressively higher for a good 5-10 minutes. At least thats how it works for me, and I'm not exactly a lightweight. Let me know how it goes man :Rasta:
  5. nah i know it's not solid hash.... was just wondering about how much to expect, which that sounds good enough to me... however i'll probably just use the oil when i'm rolling a j, or top a bowl off with it, if nothing else i'll just knife it. now i just gotta wait til i get my 1/4 so i can try it...

    question, does it have to be a pen with a metal tip? or could it be a plastic tip as long as it screws off? i'd rather not have to go out and buy a pen just to do this with...
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    Never tried a plastic cap, just as long as it doesn't pop off it should be alright. Doesn't hurt to try, I just know which one worked so I used it from then on out. Let me know how the plastic one works out.

    If you're gonna use it on a j, you could either wipe the paper in it or roll the bud you are gonna roll in it first. Its pretty sticky, but the bud should soak it up and look nice and wet once you're done.
  7. i'll let you know how the plastic tip works, i mean i can't really see why it wouldn't work... and yeah i plan on smearing it all over the paper... i want to touch the shit as little as possible and i know if i put it on the bud i'm going to get about half of it all over my fingers... well thanks for the method dude i've been wanting to try butane-oil exctraction for a couple of years now, just never have enough bud to do the only method i knew til now, which was with a pvc pipe and atleast a 1/2 oz of bud.... this one's more up my alley..

    edit: enough bud to WASTE.... lol i needed to clarify that... i almost always have enough to do that method, i just dont' want to use my entire stash on making oil..
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    i must say this is an awesome post.will be trying this shortly.only questions are how dry was the weed and what kind of butane did you use?
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    Well i tryed it...

    and it works like a fuckin charm! I lost alot of gas til i understand the doses. Yellow falls during the first few secs, with a big fat pen that i stuffed alot of weed many times... Let it sit for half an hour then scraped the sticky yummy yellow honey and just spread it in the paper of my joints... im fuckied up right now and everybody should try this, its the best and the easiest way to make something super-potent out of old trimmings and bud remains (not that i am in lack of bud.. i have plenty)... Just load your pen, extract, let alcohol evaporate for few mins, and smoke :D:D:D:D:D
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    The weed was pretty dry, cause I just used shitty bricked up mexican schwag. I used ronson butane, that white bottle with red cap.
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    Thanks for the kind words man :D I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I'm a stoner. I had always wanted to make oil before, but I never had 1.5 ounces to waste, thank god for stoned moments of genius :stoned:

    You see how different the weed looks after its been ran through the extractor? Its all really dry and brittle and usually lighter in color. Lol, try smoking it, it tastes like you'd expect shitty low potency weed to taste like, cause all the good shit is gone. I used to give it to my roommate and he'd still get high cause he's a lightweight, but other than that I just trash the weed afterwards.
  12. still waiting on my 1/4 :mad: i want to fucking try this already :mad:
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    thank you for the info.i will be cutting a plant today so in a few i will be doing this and i CAN"T WAIT!!!!
    honey oil yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    Sticky this thread.
  15. Splifted

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    Awesome, C. Got any pics of that plant? Let me know how it turns out, only 7 weeks left on mine about :dance:
  16. c of green

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    pics are in the indoor section"moving on up".she didn't have alot of leaves but i should have a few pen fulls.may even put a few tiny buds in there because they are nice and "shiny"

    how many pens do you think you can do on one can of butane?

    man i ALWAYS put way to many Ms in yum:D
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    We just ran 2 pen fulls off one can, and there is still a lot left. Most of the thc comes out in the first few seconds it looks like. I just made a sweet vaporizer out of a light bulb and extracted the oil right into the bulb. It works so badass. Just use a pen as a mouthpiece, but make sure you don't touch the inside of the bulb with the pen. I am so high right now. omg. and i have class in like 4 minutes s hit:stoned:
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    Wow this sounds good ill be trying this sometime soon.
  19. Splifted

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  20. Marevix

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    If I ever get a can of butane, I'm trying this. I'm guessing that this wouldn't work with isopropyl alcohol.

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