Splifted's Guide to Making Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Splifted, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. stick

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    There's a video on youtube of a guy making oil with isopropyl alcohol, but it takes a lot longer.

    Basically, he dumps the weed into a jar of isopropyl alcohol and lets it sit for a long time so the THCA and stuff dissolves into the alcohol. Then he runs it through a coffee filter to strain out the green matter, pours whats left onto a dish, and lights it to force the isopropyl alcohol out. I'd go with butane, it seems safer and cleaner, and I'm not entirely sure as to how burning the isopropyl alcohol would affect the THC and stuff. You should be able to get butane pretty easily, ask around at drug stores and grocery stores. Say you need it to refill your lighter, or even your dad's lighter if you're a kid.
  2. Marevix

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    Drug stores here won't even sell cough medicine or matches to minors, much less pure butane. I'd probably let the isopropyl alcohol evaporate on its own, perhaps leave the jar unsealed in a pot of boiling water. I doubt that lighters would provide enough butane (if I can get the butane out), either.
  3. Ears13

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    I have heard that when using butane to make oil it does not evaporate all the way and still leaves butane in the oil making it bad to smoke. I have heard that alcohol is alot safer and evaporates all the unlike butane.
    Any comments on this?
  4. GoldenFerret

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    i am so doing this, but ima use 1g of dro, and 3-4grams of mids. how much should i expect at the end?
  5. how much green did you use man? lol im preety tight for money atm..how much would I expect from like a gram? 2 grams? and does it keep well? how do you store/contain it?:Rasta:
  6. snowblind

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    its possible to get about 99% of the butane out of the oil. however when you toke it avisable for the first hit to just pass the flame over the oil and then toke.

    that way your pretty much garunted that you will have got rid of it all
  7. GwarDirt

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    I'm getting a 1/4 tomorrow and am considering trying this method on a gram or two. Will I get higher off of this gram ( or smoke off of it longer) if I extract it compared to a gram smoked out of a bowl. Also does burning honey oil smell like weed, or could I dip the end of a cigarette in it and smoke it in a public place without raising too much suspicion? Thanks alot.

  8. smokenss

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    a friend of mine told me about this with the pvc and 1 & 1/2oz a few years back and i had 4gotten all about it thanks 4 the reminder and ur insightfull ideas on this :thumbsup:

  9. OleTymer777

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    I used to use this method. It works but you will find that there is a lot of butane residual.Use the 12oz camping stove butane, it's way cheaper.

    The alcohol(everclear works great)method is better you can evaporate all of it and the taste of the bud will come through.

    Water Extraction is still the best IMHO
  10. GoldenFerret

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    hey can you post pics or a video of this method? i tried this last night, and i did it wrong.
    i packed the pen as tight as i thought i could (the weed was ground up in a cheap gas station kief grinder) but the weed is mids and is kinda mossy (sticks in clumps) but i broke that up some. i packed it in, packed it down, and filled it almost altheway to the metal tip that had the small screen in it. made the hole for the butane earlier, so i went outside to do it.
    i had cut the bottom off a coke can so i could extract into it (was at a friends house with no bowls, no nothing to make a good bowl for it to go in). i popped the butane into the end, aimed the pen at the can, and sprayed the butane, but the butane shot out hard. a little yellow came out but ALOT of butane did too.
    i had packed it as tight as i thought i could, but im guessing it was cause the weed wasent as packed due to it not bieng super chopped up or summin.
    i tried to scrape the yellow after the butane evaporated, and got a tiny lil bit of goo, and scraped it onto a paper. the majority of the "oil" was stuck on the can's bottom, and if you have ever cut the bottom off the can, it has that ring indent to it and about 90% of the yellow (which was not much at all, but coated a fine layer on the whole can) was stuck in it and wouldent come out.
    pissed i fucked up, i broke the pen open to get the weed out, and the weed looked the same, just very dry and clumped up. after giving it a while i smoked some out of my 1hitter, and it works, but it dosent do much.
    so basically, i tried, failed, and have way shitty weed now.

    can you post pics of the whole process or a video or something so that i can see if i did something wrong? i really want to try hash oil (oh yeah, the stuff i got on the paper, DID NOT get me high, or even a buzz.). please help!
  11. wicksthewolf

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    will you please post some pics
  12. DreadConches

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    I made one from a mini-flashlight, a metal pen tip and some hot glue. Part of the flashlight twists off so that you can just insert a piece of coffee filter and when you twist the cap back on the filter is made taut. The other end was partially punched out and the metal pen piece inserted to make the butane dispense. Hot glue was added around the cap to make it air tight at that end.
    I just tried it with a joint paper and now everything smells like resin. Can't wait to use this paper to roll (not until tomorrow.)
  13. GoldenFerret

    GoldenFerret Registered+

    can anyone help here?
  14. evilgunny

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    I believe your problem was probably the "mossy" texture of your weed. Before you make hash oil, your herb should be completely dried. I once used slightly damp bud trim (used alot, I use the pvc pipe method) one time and it failed hard.

    To the previous poster... I've made honey oil with both isopropyl and butane, and believe me...go with butane. I doubt that if you make it with isopropyl and then light it on fire that there will be any THC left, though I could be wrong. What I did was slowly double boiled my alcohol solution until I was left with nothing but golden oil. IMnotsohumbleO the alcohol method is dangerous, as the fumes + heating element could cause an explosion, not to mention the fact that the fumes are horrible for your lungs (especially if you're asthmatic like myself).

    Rant done, make sure you have completely dried product.
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  15. Mcnizzlebery

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    This method worked for me. It only took me 10-20 minutes and the supplies were easy to gather. The weed i started with was leafs from some good mids and i packed the weed in until i could not press it down any further with a reasonable amount of force. I will be wearing gloves though next time because i am a noob at this and got the cold all over me, it was not fun. Anyways i got a shallow coating of extremely sticky yellow goo. I threw in some finely ground bud and rolled it around until it was a shiney little shake ball. I took 1 hit and it tasted really bad like straight up butane. Then i took one more and it tasted pretty good and a few minutes later i got really stoned(usually takes me 4-7 bong rips to get this high). Good shit thanks for this strategy guide brother. My only advice is to let this oil drain into a dish that has a small diameter and is deep so mabey you will have better luck scraping it up than me =).
  16. marvylego

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    Wow I was just reading this 2 hours ago and decided why not. I only used like half of a pen but the bud was jack herer headies. I fit about .6-.7 in there and used a spare can of butane I had lying around, and cheesecloth for the filter. My only complaint it that it was way too hard to scrape the hash out. I extracted into a shot glass, and i was able to get a nice dime size drop of golden oil. You can taste the butane but im high as shit right now. I couldnt get all the resin out of the shot glass though.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a more efficent collection system?
  17. OntarioToker69

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    From Personal Experience I Find it The Other Way Around.
    From Pure Butane with No Additives or impurities I Find All of The Butanes Evaporates off very well and leaves a very clean pure and potent product.It's Also easier than using alcohol as your solvent.
    I Find When Honey Oil is Butane Extracted it's Exactly that,Amber Coloured Honey like Cannabis Extract.If Done Well and properly The Oil should taste like Kif/Crystals when smoked and feel the same in your lungs.
    Now the Oil I Have Seen made with alcohol on the other hand....
    First of all it's harder to use as a solvent in the extraction process because you have to keep it very cold.It Also Takes alot Longer To Evaporate then Butane and I Find Most Alcohol extracted concentrates still have traces of unevaporated alcohol.The texture is Much different.It's usually Very sticky and thick...not really a liquid,something you can ball with your hands.For example:If you had a jar of BHO you could dip the pin in the liquid pull it out and spread it on a paper.Mayber you might need to add a little heat such as flame.But if you had a Jar of Alcohol extracted oil you would have to heat the Pin to stick it into the sticky tar like subtance,and heat it a gain to spread on a paper,once on the paper it cools and becomes tar like again,unlike The BHO wich would stay liquid.As For The Taste,You can taste the alcohol in the oil,like it caramelizes as you burn it and your inhaling burnt sugars....I Definitely Prefer Butane Extracted Oil To Alcohol Extracted oil But hey thats just me:jointsmile:
    And please don't take this as fact,This is just from My own personal experience in making Butane Honey Oil and Watching Many others make Aclcohol Extracted Oil.

    Have A Good Day:stoned:
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  18. OntarioToker69

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    Doesn't Camping Stove Butane have Artificial smell and other chemicals added?if it does everyone should completely ignore this man's piece of advice.
    I Use Untainted Butane with zero impurities,No smell or any other additives.And I don't know how much of a cheapskate you are buddy,but I pay like $3.99 for a Can of butane where I get it,
    and I Can Run one can through an ounce of buds for a really good wash.
  19. maxsuperdanks

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    I wouldn't say heating alcohol is dangerous, I do it with my green dragon, over an open flame.

    Even crossing the street is treacherous for retards y'know?

    Just keep the alcohol at or below 170 degrees. At that temp it's boiling and should halve in volume every 20 minutes depending on surface area.
  20. xweefernationx

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    hey bra i was wondering about the butane bit because i think its common sense that inhaling butanes bad , so are you sure think method is safe?

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