Splifted's Guide to Making Hash Oil

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    Hey Man...

    I did this EXACTLY like you said... everything was done exactly like you said and nothing happened. Butane shot through clear the entire time...I packed it harder just to make sure, tried again NOTHING... So....got a new pen tried it again did it exactly like you said AGAIN and guess what..nothing. So i pretty much wasted like 1.5g of good bud for nothing, thanks.

    Don't suggest trying this unless you have nug to spare.
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    can you smoke the weed after you make the oil from it
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    I don't think so, but I may be wrong.
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    I cannot say thanks enuff for this sweet little suggestion!

    I have skin cancer and already had MOHS surgery along with cosmetic surgery to remove a spot above my left eye on the eye brow.
    Also had an area on my upper chest above my right breast.
    Both surgeries were with pain and long, involved recovery.

    The chest was rude.
    The internal AND external sutures tore open and thus had a 3 by 5 inch and -2 inch deep open gaff.
    Try doing a flush and irrigate of the surgery and packing gauze into a gapping hole seeing all the layers of tissue and muscle all the way to the cartilage and ribs!
    And first thing in the morning before that first cup of coffee!
    (I had a strong first cup prior to going into the ER.)

    I've since had more spots show now and the idea of removal and skin drafts isn't fun.
    I'd read up on the doc in Canada who grows cannabis and made the oil to give to cancer patients and others in need.
    With amazing and documented results!
    Cancer gone in a matter of weeks!!!


    I'm here in New Mexico and no way known to get the THC oil from anyone.
    Sooooo....I used the build-up in my small water pipe with crappy tar and all to apply to a few places on my face...nose in particular.
    Two weeks later....gone!
    But alas I didn't have much cannabis and ran out too soon and the cancer came back on location.
    I know full well using the tar laden dirty crap from a pipe is not healthy and wise but what did I really have to risk?
    Not much.

    Getting high grade or even decent cannabis here sucks.
    Spotty at best and I'm too old for the 20 somethings to hang with to know others to buy from yadda yadda.
    Poor too!

    I read about this suggestion of a pen and butane and not going thru the high cost of other methods.


    I took a used up clear plastic Pentel RSVP (cheap) pen which turned out to be the perfect set-up.
    A small wooden dowel for a plunger/packer an a 1/4'' cut-off of a pipe screen.
    Easily remove the ink tube and writing tip as the end cap unscrews.

    First, I made the small hole for the butane nipple in the end cap with a large paper clip and the fit is better than a $100 lighter.

    I took a quarter cut of pipe screen and pressed it over the flat end of the dowel and pushed the screen down to the rubber finger pad area of the now empty pen.
    There, there is a choke that required me to use a straight piece of a wire coat hanger to shove the screen a bit further down towards the tip of the pen.
    I then took what was about 2, maybe 3 grams of $50.00/ounce cannabis and packed firmly as I loaded it all in at around an inch or so each time until packed as packed can be up to within an inch of the end cap where it screws onto the end.
    I had my reservations about the spray and what would splatter where and all but not to worry.
    I took a 1/3 cup stainless steel measuring cup with handle to use as a bowl/dish to catch the sprayed and dripping results of the THC ''honey'' and subfreezing liquid butane.
    No over spray and not even a dab went anywhere near the top of the small 1/3 cup measuring cup.
    A hand towel held the pen and Ronson butane bottle as I pressed and shot the butane into the packed pen.

    Sure enuff.....the butane rushed thru the tightly packed cannabis with ease and out dripped a golden honey color mixed with the butane.
    After several seconds the sprayed drops were clear and that meant done.

    I dipped the bottom of the measuring cup slightly into a bowl of tap water and the boil was fierce as the butane was evaporated away easily.
    The entire bottom of the cup was coated in the THC ''honey''....!!!!!

    At first was sticky and difficult to work with but left to sit a spell and it sets up nicely to what tack you may want.
    A simple flick of a Bic on the bottom of the stainless steel cup and the honey thins out nicely as desired.
    I ran the tip of a finger in it and applied the honey to my cancer spots and it was just perfect in how it was absorbed.

    Why....I even smelled quite nice too!
    A sweet mj flowery kind of smell that's far nicer than the tarred and crappy dirty stuff from the pipe.

    After I was done and rather pleased with myself...:cool:....I took a small pinch of bud and rolled it in the ''honey'' off to the side of the clean and saved ''honey.
    Got a high grade buzz from $50/OZ swag when I took some of the tacky bud with honey and put atop a pinch of dry bud in the bowl.

    Now I got kief to kick up the smoke with AND now some nearly pure THC honey to smoke and use on my skin cancer.

    I think this application will cost me maybe $10.00/week for atleast a WEEK'S worth of THC concentrate.
    Plus I get to boost the high of low grade cannabis without the sky high cost of the luscious high grades.
    Hopefully using this low grade then concentrate THC will give me the same remarkable results as the high grade tar pipe and bowl crap did.
    Should...but can only know when the proof is on my face.

    OH....I used a piece of coat hanger to easily turn 'n poke and dump out the used up cannabis from the barrel of the pen and all cleaned up easy and completely.
    Much of it came out in pressed plugs, the rest followed and it all was as dry as a bone unlike still fresh soft as it was when it went in.

    If you only knew just how thankful and grateful I am to have read this idea.

    I can now apply the THC concentrate on my cancer and even get a sweet and strong buzz as I do.

    The best part is I can now have enuff cheap cannabis to keep me in the THC honey and be consistent in applying it for the four to six weeks needed to remove the cancer spots.

    Now I can focus on starting my first grow sometime sooner than not and indeed am going to buy some sativa seeds here while the $20.00 sale is going on.

    I want some really really heady high sativa like what...purple cough or haze...or white widow or...??

    Thanks ever so much for the butane method suggestions.

    You've helped an old Vet with his cancer by sharing such tricks and now I have hope beyond evasive surgery on my face where the need for skin drafts and reconstructive surgery is always required at great cost in all ways.

    Wanted to rep ya but guess I'm still on probation?:wtf:

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  5. Doobee

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    UPDATE...Cancer is GONE! FIVE DAYS of THC honey and gone!

    Seeing is believing......
    Until you see with your own eyes... then still just too much to believe.

    Last Monday (Feb 16th) I got some $50.00/OZ swag in the late evening.

    Tuesday afternoon I made the Pentel pen into a ''condenser'' (??) as Splifted suggested but with a cartridge pen.
    The Ronson butane worked perfectly and out dripped 5 seconds of honey oil into a stainless steel 1/3 cup measuring cup.

    Pure golden THC oil.

    Tuesday late afternoon I applied a dab on my pinky finger to the several cancer spots ranging from nickel size to smaller sized and rubbed the sticky sweet smelling THC oil on.
    ALL were cancer and progressing into seeping oozing sores as done in the past resulting in major surgery and cosmetic surgery back to back ORs.

    After my research into the Canada doc who grew and gave away the oil I knew there would be a 4 to 8 week period in which the THC oil took to kill the cancer at/on site.

    My thoughts were to go to the doctors at the VA Hospital and show the cancer sites then have a medical photo shoot done or do my own for any progress.
    I put off going in for a myriad of reasons/cop-outs and figured I would have a couple a weeks to go in.

    A few people close enough to me knew of and easily saw the cancer on my face.
    The friend down the street who sold me the cannabis even asked of my skin spots and sites of cancer and made comments about how ugly they were and yadda yadda.
    TWO days and one topical application later the two worst spots in nickel size on the side of my face near the left eye were smaller and changed shapes which the gay guy as fussy as a gay can be even saw the change and made comment.
    Yesterday...Sunday....after another application of the THC honey/concentrate later I was grooming after a shower and saw nothing.


    The sites were GONE!!!!

    My neighbors, both professionals in the medical field, saw the before and after and even though they saw with their own eyes...were in disbelief and doubts all was what it appeared to be.

    If this is real then there would be documented cases yadda yadda.

    I told them there were documented cases aplenty and what about my own face that had the cancer spots/sites and yet now all gone?

    They in all honesty were at odds with such a medical solution using cannabis for the THC in that the results were just waaaay too fast, etc.
    Why this cure and the government not allow it for all cancer patients?
    Why is this so unknown as a successful treatment?
    Why? why?
    I did my best to share again what was known to date and the issues that were at odds, etc.

    My mistake was thinking it would take a good 4 weeks if any ''cure'' was to be seen.
    The time frame of weeks is for the cancer sites that have progressed further than the ones I had and in the past were in stages that required MOHs and all.

    My dear Medical MMJ folks...I can only be as bluntly honest as I can be and say that in less than a week and two applications of THC concentrate the skin cancer is off my face....gone!

    I realize I used swag and an 1/8th here and there of ''high grade'' cannabis and was spotty on its use having such a difficult time even getting any.
    Not exactly a medically approved ''study'' I know.\

    But alas I only had what I could get and when and did as best I was able.

    And now the cancer sites are GONE!!!

    I will continue applying the THC honey for another two or so weeks and see what results.
    Then let off and watch for any return and if at the same exact places.

    I'm still in a shock over the short time it took and the results that came about.

    I wish I could some how portray the facts in a way for all here to believe what has taken place...and yet it was on my own face and I cannot believe it.
    Too good to be true and in days not weeks and no surgery and skin drafts and pain meds and the fuss of having more surgery.

    Nothing short of amazing.:thumbsup:

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    Doobee, that is absolutely amazing if its true. I have never heard of the application of thc to direct cancer spots, do you think you could link to that?

    Also, I really wish you would have gone to the hospital, or taken the before/after pictures, this could do so much in furthering THC's medical aspect.

    After reading about enough people trying this, I'm planning on giving it a go tonight using a couple grams of some cheap brick. If it works out a well as it should, I'm planning on straight up combining this with the THC pills, how bad ass would that be? :)

    Couple of questions: how important is the screen? All i have is coffee filters and I won't be able to get anything else until monday. Also, IS there a splatter at all? I was planning on using a pretty much completely flat dish, as opposed to tin foil or the bottom of a soda can like other people have tried, so that I could easily just use a razor to scrape the oil/material off. Any complaints/suggestions from the people who use (and love) this method?
  7. Doobee

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    It is true and as a fact...many have been cured of cancer and tumors and more.
    Canada has a US drug company refining the THC oil overseas where the cannabis can be grown legally...due to our government's refusal and continued lies preventing any lab plant grows, etc.
    Canada has an extremely high cancer rate and have become lax with public cannabis smoking.
    They soon will sell the THC oil thru their socialized medical system to cancer patients at a most greedy profit.
    You and all others so inclined to learn such important cannabis healing facts can begin your quest at Phoenixtears.

    Cure Cancer with Hemp Oil - Phoenix Tears

    The site belongs to Rick Simpson who is the Canadian who has spent years, money and labor and even his own freedom and general wellfare after having discovered on his own the benifits of medical hemp.

    The screen is to keep from blowing out alot of crappy plant material into the THC concentrate.
    Use a 1/4 part of screen from a typical bowl screen.
    Wad it up and push it to the tip.
    I do not use foil laid out nor a dish.
    Becauase the THC concentrate is as sticky as 3 day old honey on the kitchen counter.
    The spray is not the problem but the butane pooled up is.
    When you blow butane thru it removes the THC in about -5 seconds and the golden color goes clear when done.
    There is a good +/-1/4" of liquid butane in a 1/2 cup measuring cup once done.
    As the butane boils away (room temp is fine and hand held goes to major boiling) it leaves the THC honey and so herein is the challenge.
    Allowing the THC to flow far out and spread makes for a near impossible chore in scrapping, getting, it up.
    Until a drop or few of cannabis seed oil or even grape seed cooking oil is mixed in, the THC honey is very, very, tacky...as in days old honey sticky tacky.
    So much so making it near impossible to apply decently on the skin.

    Since my first application of THC from mex brick swag I have begun to use very potent medical high grade cannabis.
    A most excellent sativa strain from a med cannabis grower.

    And there has been independant photo shoots done this time around by a newspaper now so my cancer treatments and cure has and is being documented.
    No VA Hospital as yet but I've only begun to stand up and out for medical cannabis.
    I plan on taking a small 1/4" Oz amount of THC concentrate into the Cancer Research Center with media in tow and confront the head of the surgery dept.
    Simply put this all to task and let any patient with any type of skin cancer try it under supervision and let the results show which side of the plant politics is being truthful with the facts.
    Having kief or THC concentrate is a Federal felony posession arrest.
    And I simply do not care (too, too much) if I am to be arrested.
    Take it to the public that an honest person with a cure for cancer gets arrested for exposing the honest cure.
    Mr. Simpson has gone thru much worse events in his efforts and fairs well by his doing so, enabling so many to live after cancer.
    Think this alone would grow legs enough to gather national attention to the THC and medical benifits of cannabis.
    We shall see.

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    I have always heard you should use high quality butane. Ronson has a lot of impurities that don't leave the oil. You want butane that is at least 3x refined.
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    I'm pretty sure using plastic puts off something pretty harmful. I can't think of the name of it, but I know its why iso is in a special plastic bottle.
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    You are right. If using ISO you should do it in a pyrex dish, or at least something other than plastic.
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    i know i have a pen and butane...
    am working on this will update later
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    Run it Outdoors Please

    Four empty cases is a lot to run indoors! Never, ever, ever run a butane extraction indoors. A pilot light or a spark contacting those fumes will cause instant detonation and wall-to-wall inferno.
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    I know this is old, but I figured it would be better to post here than to create a new topic.

    I've tried this method personally, and no matter how tight I pack the pen, the butane still blows straight through it, just leaving a VERY small amount of sticky substance on the aluminum tray, which amounts to practically nothing.

    As said in the first post, if the butane blows right through it, it won't work properly.... But no matter what I try, that's just what the butane does.

    Any help?
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    OLD oil method

    since ancient times alchohol has been made with grains etc....probably one of the oldest solvents / drugs used ....it has also been used from waaay back as a way to make tinctures....stands to reason that if you can use it to make essential oils (hash oil),it was likely done with weed by cavepeople !

    organic method of oil extraction....

    1.USE everclear...straight grain alch.....no additives...evaporates readily

    2. soak weed in jar 48 hours ...use enough alch. to cover ground up weed.

    3.separate fiber from 1st cut oil by filtering it thru a coffee filter lining a strainer

    4. Repeat filtering as many times as you feel necessary...one more time works for me.

    5.a safe and organic way to eliminate the alch is to put the liquid from
    second filtering into a pyrex pie pan and set it out in the sun on a warm SUNNY summer day or two ...i put it on the dash of my truck .....crack the windows a few inches to vent....

    scrape the goo-oil and toke....works well on a paper after you twist one up !

    opthalmic solution bottles hold ten grams ...and make real nice containers... i had only one from a prescription so i don't know where to get them...maybe a new product for someone on the retail end (?)
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    Ive been making oil the ISO way for the last few days. I'm brand new at this. So far it has worked great.

    I use a metal container with a air tight lid. I use 91% iso rubbing alcohol. I let it soak in the alcohol for at least 1 hour or more with the lid on and shake a little. Then I pour the liquid onto a pan and set a fan next to it to make the alcohol evaporate faster, it's usually dry in 30 mins depending on how much alcohol i use. then I scrape the pan with a razor blade.

    I been using a toothpick to get some oil and then gently put a flame to the oil allowing it to spread easily. I spread the oil inside of a empty cigar then fill with green and roll. I used a spoon to vaporize tonight, 5 hits had me pretty high. hardly any smoke came out, mostly vapor.

    A very good way to conserve and stretch your green.
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    plastic in pen toxic ?

    the butane draws the oil from the fiber....what is the reaction between the plastic pen and butane ?
  18. aces12

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    Not wanting to hijack this thread....but it seems to be the active one..... got some weed from a guy in oregon...looks like top shelf ,big buds ....when smoked in a joint it leaves a heavy salty taste in your mouth that lasts all day ! anyone who grows have any info on this ? My guess is the grower used epsom ....foliate fed....after the plant was flowering......
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    instead of butane

    can you use propane instead of butane?
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    You can use any of the 12 simple alkanes! As many of you know, the alkane hydrocarbons are simply carbon atoms with hydrogens attached.

    The older "Mary eats peanut butter" designation for the first four gases is followed by the greek alphabet.

    Methane has one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms attached to it's four potential bonds.

    Ethane has two carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms, attached to it's four potential bonds

    Propane has three atoms, butane four, pentane five, hexane six, heptane seven, octane eight, and so on.......

    The stumbling block is that in the USA anyway, they are required by law to add methyl mercaps to propane as a leak odor detector. The threshold sensory level for methyl mercaps is 2 parts per billionth, and they are extremely hard to remove, besides smelling and tasting like rotten eggs.

    If you can get a clean source, it will without question work.

    One advantage to using the longer molecule chains, is that they become less polar as they get longer, and pick up less water solubles.

    The disadvantage is that the longer the chain, the harder it is to purge.
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