Splifted's Guide to Making Hash Oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Splifted, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. LuLzBoaT

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    So we got extract method down,results about 97.3% THC, lab tested by friend Biologist. Trouble come when we try and powder the extract, any mild change in temperature throws back into mushy liquid of sorts. Ideas please.
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    dude there is no way you get 97% i want to see a pic of some test results, and your rig and the butane you use

    and this shouldn't even be a sticky anymore, some one needs to up date and actually show yall how to make WAX
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    these are cool and its the only way to get all the butane out, and whipping is bad whipping breaks terpenes down, terpenes are what give you that taste
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    man the method that was first posted was terrible!!! that "high" you were feeling in your face was the butane!! No one make BHO using this method. There is way too much residual butane left. the only way to get clean pure BHO is by vacuum purging. it doesn't matter how you make it, you have to vacuum purge it. Stay healthy folks!
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    please do not do this people.
    butane is toxic, and it is impossible to evaporate the butane without a vac chamber, or a vac oven. this is an extremely unhealthy method and there are easier ways to get better oil that has no solvent in it, from the same material.
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    this is sad, and scary at the same time
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  8. cannabidroid

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    lol... he said a "bioligist" tested BHO for him and it was 97% thc.
    the sky is purple cause walt disneys dick is made out provolone cheese grown in cinderellas castle plus helicopters.
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    and modulate the high caused by the cannabinoids, and creat scent (n flavor liek you said)
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    using any hydrocarbon solvent is foolish
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    thc doesnt effect cancer cells at all... other cannabinoids do. smh. these forums are just a huge mess of the blind blinding the almost blind
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  12. cannabidroid

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    look at the rosintech thread i started if you want a safe and healthy way to yield cannabis oils without CONTAMINATING the herb with butane.
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    im confused at how a suicidal recipe for disaster thread got stickied.
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    I see lots of hash oils and they seem to be in a thick liquid state, I make qwiso and it always turns into a hard shatter like state am I doing something wrong or right?
  15. edward c enos

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    is it bad if I use a white coffee filter?

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