spokane anyone???

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by letsdoit, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. letsdoit

    letsdoit Registered+

    ..:stoned: anyone??
  2. wallhofen

    wallhofen Registered+

    nope, you are the only one that smokes in Spokane.... now let me tell you about Seattle where I'm from...

  3. Rubber Legs

    Rubber Legs Registered

    Spokane right here lived here all my life.
  4. Tray7

    Tray7 Registered+

    Yeah... I'm from Spokane.
    How's things?
  5. letsdoit

    letsdoit Registered+


    good,..but not so good. Life is great and all, but right now I am coming off of my last high, and it is a very sad thing..:( I miss AK..it was so much easier there because everyone smokes. And here its different.
    Specially when you dont have any solid connections. I really have no connections now, so I am basically quitting against my will. Lame huh.
  6. Tray7

    Tray7 Registered+

    No. You are wrong. Everyone smokes here. It's just that we are paranoid and cautious. Take me for example... "let's say I am a serious hook up"... I still wouldn't help you out because you could be a PO or something and I'm not risking my ass.
    Basically in Spokane it works like this: If you know someone who smokes, beg like a mother to get to their hookup. Ask close friends... they'll help. Never know what could happen in the land of magic we fondly call Spokompton.
  7. seattle420

    seattle420 Banned

    go to the beach to find some weed!
  8. letsdoit

    letsdoit Registered+

    ya but I dont know them well enough to beg..I dont want to keep bugging them if they dont call back.
  9. letsdoit

    letsdoit Registered+

  10. chronic patch

    chronic patch Registered

    where you from in spokane. i'm from downtown area, do you know where browns edition is??
  11. weedheaduknow

    weedheaduknow Registered+

    i'm pretty sure washington has better weed than arkansas. my friend told me theres alot of crackheads in spokane and people smoke meth like it aint nothin.
  12. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    Welp, my intro post was nuked, so I guess just a simple "HI" is all I can/should say...

  13. Tray7

    Tray7 Registered+

    Yes... Washington bud is better than Arkansas... My cuz just went to Arkansas to see his family and they had him bring down a large sum. They couldn't stop talking about how great of stuff we get here in WA.
  14. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    ???? There doesn't appear to be any weed in Spokane - dunno about the rest of WA though..

    Anyone going to hempfest in August?
  15. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

  16. Tokudai

    Tokudai Registered+

    Welp I'm 38 and too fat to be a cop ;). Maybe we can meet up at hempfest or FNSR at SRP or something
  17. notAfed

    notAfed Registered

    Hey I'm 39 and look like a cop....thus the name notafed:thumbsup:
  18. theamazingkane

    theamazingkane Registered+

    Spokane hear, south hill area.

    It seems that you just have to know the right people in this town to find anything, but in the browns addition and peaceful valley area, virutally everyone on every block smokes, and some of my friends have met dealers just by sharing the same apartment complex as them and being good neighbors, making things rather easy and convienent.

    I think it's all in who you know around hear..
  19. Tray7

    Tray7 Registered+

    Yeah, you are right, you do have to know people. And for all of you out there saying that Spokane is dry... look again because we are one of the greenest cities in Washington. Everyone smokes here.
  20. turkish smoke

    turkish smoke Registered

    another stoner from spokane right here

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