PAX2 Vaporizer Pass Your Drug Test


Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by redchaos2354, May 31, 2010.

  1. redchaos2354

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    good quality. different varieties. Been open a month. Call or come check it out they are across from The Longhorn BBq and right next door to Glass Gods.

    2308 N ARGONNE SPOKANE WA 99212
    10 AM-6 PM MON-FRI
    CALL ANYTIME-509-218-8318
    BRING ID AND Authorization.
  2. redchaos2354

    redchaos2354 Registered

  3. redchaos2354

    redchaos2354 Registered

    They are open monday thru saturday 10-6 pm call 218-8318 anytime. them have a good variety. I especially like the YUK YUK.
  4. redchaos2354

    redchaos2354 Registered

    They are open 10-6 pm Monday thru Saturdays now and they have a pretty goood selectin nothing lower than 8 a gram and nothing higher than 15 a gram
  5. Skitterin

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    I wish I was able to get my medical marijuana card and continue working the job I have... if I got my card and they found out, or if I got hurt and they drug tested me, they'd fire me for sure...
  6. justinadidas

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    Try the Yum Yum if they have any left...good stuff!
  7. redchaos2354

    redchaos2354 Registered

    hey i have a buddy who works for walmart. anyways they pop drug tested and found him dirty and than fired him. Well he got ahold of Lawyer Pat Stiley and he was ble to get his job back and walmart just told him that he couldnt bring his meds to work and that he couldnt be medicated at work.
  8. redchaos2354

    redchaos2354 Registered

    They are having GREEN Friday @ The Treehouse Medical Marijuana Dispenasry. 11-26
    10-6pm. 2302 n Argonne B Make sure to bring ur original authorization. I was told their will be some sweet sweet herbs.
  9. knj4420

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    Excellent Dispensary

    I have been acquiring my medication from The Tree House for several months now. This is a clean, professionally run dispensary in a nice location. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and careful. The selection is one of the best I have seen in Spokane (usually 15-20 to choose from) and some of the best medicine I have ever had. These people are serious about striving to provide the highest quality medicine available in Spokane. Check them out, well worth the visit.
  10. 122105b

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    hello, my husband and i are entorested in opening our own dispensary. I was wondering if i could take a minute of your time and get some information on how to start and how to keep it running legally, safe, productive, and financially sound. I understand i need licenses and permits, also i understand it must be incorporated. Any advice would be good advice. thank you so much. Sincerely

  11. Has anyone mentioned to you that you misspelled "Marijuana" in the title of your thread? Just thought I'd mention it.
    Good luck.

  12. Jewelz0376

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    Is this place still open??

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