"Sprayed" Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by poker2, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. poker2

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    I heard of people spraying their weed with windex/other aerosol cans etc
    MY QUESTION isss.... how can you tell if you weed has been sprayed?
    Signs? (Smell?Sight?Touch? etc..)

    And I had this weed that after half the sliff was burned the rest of it was very dark brown color (it started off looking like good green weed) and It gives a 5 minute buzz followed by a headache and thats it.
  2. drudown11

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    You heard a bad rumor. Growers dont spray windex and other chemicals on the plant because we smoke a majority of it, and we dont want to kill of our customers. Why would we want to get sick/ get our cusotmers sick.Purposely getting our customers sick doesnt sound like a great business plan.

    The reason the spliff got darker as you smoked it is because the TAR and other shit is sticking to the paper/weed. The end where the smoke comes out is becoming resinated.
    (it gave you a headache because your basically smoking all of the tar and carcinogens from the tabacco and marijuana) They didnt spray anthing on there plants, that would be crazy.
  3. VapedG13

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    ohhhhhhhh ya the famous headache weed.....usually comes from weed that hasnt been flushed of the fertilizer or someone used chemicals on a flowering plant to get rid of pests or fungi

    We dont spray deadly toxic chemicals like windex or bleach.... it would kill the plant :hippy:
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  4. poker2

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    Okay thanks a lot of the confirmation guys!
    Does weed have tar/Tabacco? Because my spliff was pure weed only. I PERSONALLY didn't add anything else and when I broke up the bud I didn't see anything funny. Maybe just weed thats not that good?
  5. drudown11

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    ohh my bad. When you said spliff i thought you were implying that it was a joint with marijuana and tabacco(where im from spliffs contain both tabacco and marijuana).

    Vaped also made a good point. Someone could have sprayed some pesticides a little too late in flower, which can make it have a harsh taste and give you a headache. While its not going to kill you, marijuana growers always(at least the growers i Know) use pesticides that are totally safe for human consumption.

    Yes marijuana does produce some tar when smoked. While smoking marijuana is not nearly as harmful as smoking tabacco, whenever you smoke something you ARE causing lung damage.

    The weed sorta acts as a "filter" at the end of the joint, and all of the tar and other resins get concentrated when they stick to the broken weed.

    bottom line is that your safe bro. No one has ever died from marijuana and it has thousands of years of human consumption. Tylenol is more toxic to the human body than marijuana. Toke up and and experience the world in a new light. The really baked light.
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    gitt weed it's called in ireland very nasty shit man stay away from it here's a close up of whats in ya weed..

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  7. ogganjagrower

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    windex?? wtf? horrible rumor. those kinda rumors have to raise red flags to anyone reading them
  8. kayakush

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    i have heard too that the middies or commercial weed can be sprayed with formaldehyde and other chemicals to give u a buzz because the weed is not that good.....i stay away from that sorta stuff and look for, lets see og kush from someone reputable. i have had the headache thing from shit weed and i hate it......i avoid cheap dirt weed as much as possible
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