spraying weed? what the hell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by james2theson, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. james2theson

    james2theson Registered

    ok well when someone first mentioned this i really didnt think it was true..dealers spraying windex and other shit on weed? what the hell is that about, and what would be thier reasoning behind it? esspecailly windex..does it get u more fucked up or something making the buyer think they just got some bomb ass weed or what..has anyone heard anything else that might be sprayed on weed? i actully decided to post this thread due to one of the previous threads and everyone arguing about not spraying weed...crazy shit:confused:
  2. Samwhore

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    SPRAYING WEED IS THE STUPIEST THING EVER! windex is so bad for you and tons of people are doing it, good weed doesnt need anything sprayed on it
  3. HeyItsMe

    HeyItsMe Registered+

    I dout most people use windex, but people spray there weed so it weighs more. And screws everyone else over, that shit happens around here alot. You will get a 1/8th and if you let it dry out it will be like 2.3 grams. And if you dont dry it out it will turn to mold
  4. mistyganjatree

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    tahts not been sprayed its just not dried properly!
    cmon think about it ,,,,whats the point in drying it ,spending all that time and effort, to then spray it with something to WET! it! whats the point. they just sell it way too wet
    maybe only hung for a few days! more likely!
  5. huh

    huh Registered+

    i've had fake blueberry and fake bubblegum with the flavor sprayed on it....but you can just break open the nug and see if the outside is the same color as the inside...thats when you know its real.
  6. KcFo20

    KcFo20 Registered

    Youre half right. Alot of the times, that is the problem. But, people do spray weed to make it weigh more, and also to add a fragrance. Also, if theyve got some really dry weed and just want to freshen it up and give it a lil moisture, theyll spray it with somethin, sometimes. The people that grow it, and take the time to dry it out, arent neccessarily the ones who spray somethin on it that shouldnt be on it. Remember, weed exchanges hands numerous times, unless youre gettin it directly from a grower, or a close link to a grower. Shit can be passed around numerous times and in the process of that, drys out, loses smell, etc, leading the dealer to spray it down with whatever theyve heard is the best thing for moisturizing some dusty ass old buds, or for adding a smell to some old ass boo boo weed with no aroma. It sucks that people are using anything at all to do this, especially Windex or other shit that we probably shouldnt be inhaling into our lungs. Id rather smoke some dusty ass, non smelling shit than to smoke some Windex, or whatever, laced bud. Making weed weigh more is the biggest reason in doing this, but those reasons I mentioned above also happen, here and there....Sucks.
  7. james2theson

    james2theson Registered

    is there any ways to actully tell if they have messed with it?..i wonder who thought of windex...hmmm
  8. OniEhtRedrum781

    OniEhtRedrum781 Registered+

    smell the bud? if it smells like windex, there ya go..
  9. KcFo20

    KcFo20 Registered

    Yea, if it dont smell like weed, and does resemble the odor of a chemical instead, its probably been messed with...

    But, SOME Mexi brick weed (schwagg), that Ive had, has been brought into the U.S. in gas tanks and other canisters that contain chemicals, to deter K9 detection, when crossing the border, so sometimes the smell is just from the shit being packed in and around chemicals that make it smell messed up...Smells can be deceiving. Doesnt always mean that its been messed with. The times Ive had stuff that you could tell was messed with, you could just tell.
  10. EciRonTog

    EciRonTog Registered+

    LOL if you are smoking crap mexican weed that got smuggled in some old gas tank you need to smoke better shit ;)
  11. bud breath420

    bud breath420 Registered+

    people put flyspray on their weed alot my way.. some guy said to me it gives you a better buzz... im sure thats bullshit.
  12. KcFo20

    KcFo20 Registered

    Yea, well, Im in a much better situation in life these days, and probably wont even see any of that shit up here where Im at now. To my knowledge there isnt a need at all up here for Mexi brick shit....

    But, some people can only afford to get what they can get, so they get some boo boo just to get a buzz.....Hard times. Been there.

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