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  1. dazza128

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    Hi all i need a bit of info if any1 can help please!

    im currently looking at scrogging i have them in veg stage allready they are 7 weeks in when do i put the screen in? also what is the best way to do it i have heard so many different ways of doing it and it is confusing lol.

    any info would be much appreciated guys

  2. theish

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    7 weeks into veg? You're too late, when i did my only scrog grow i started pre training it by bending her over when the plant was about 6-7" tall, then put the screen on shortly after and vegged for 5 weeks. You have to start it early and get the plant trained young to fill the screen up then i switch to 12/12 when the screen was 60-75% full.

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