St. Louis, MO Plan Would Allow for Growing, Use and Sales

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Would Missouri’s Gov. Override This?

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  1. Monterey Bud

    Monterey Bud Concentrate Fan Staff Member

    Missouri’s Megan Ellyia Green, a St. Louis Alderwoman from the 15th Ward, filed a bill on Wednesday that could dramatically alter the city’s current marijuana law.

    A municipal effort at adult-use legalization, if passed, Green’s bill would allow St. Louis residents to consume, vend, and cultivate personal amounts of marijuana – while handcuffing the SLMPD from unwarranted prosecutions.

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  2. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    Read your attachment. Should say less than 1ounces and less than10 plants, not more.
    I don't think this BACKWARDS, BULLSHIT,
    RED NECK state would pass it anyway.

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