Stages of Flowering.

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  1. Seems like a retarded question but I have to ask.
    When exactly is a preflower, a flower and when is a flower, bud?
  2. Ignore the first post.

    How long after preflowers do flowers/bud normally show up for pure indicas and pure sativas?

    I have quite a few "preflowers" like in the image below on most of my plants.

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    About a week after you switch the light cycle to 12/12 (or when its fall) you will notice the tops of your plant will start developing tighter closer togather leaves with a tight hard center. These are your first "buds" but you are far from done. At about 3 weeks into flowering your tops should be fairly covered in pistils leading to small bubble like sections. Heavy, noticable resin and smell develop around week 4. Over the next few weeks monitor them and they should get denser and taller. Between week 8-10 is your prime harvest weeks. Depending on what type of high you want. early harvest= stony cerebral high late harvest= a narcotic effect. Most people however want a nice balance of the two. A balanced high is when the bud has about 80% amber or red hairs. hope some of this helps
  4. Yeah a lot of help. Gives me some better understanding since I don't have any realistic growing expericing past veg.

    I just noticed female preflowers all over 6 of 10 of my plants already and was hoping they had started to bud. They're all growing outdoors in the ground.
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    Honestly I dont know a whole lot about growing outdoor, but it should all basically be the same when it comes to budding. When you notice the close togather top leaves with a hard ball like center you probably have about eight weeks to go. Look for the changes in the tops, and monitor the tricromes with a magnifier if you have one (i dont use one but it is reccomended) and you will know when your plant is ready for harvest. Judging by the pictures of the preflowers and the fact that you are growing in Georgia, I assume your harvest month will be October but dont quote me on that. If you use nutes, look for a 10-15-10 mix for budding and your plant should be alot more healthy and easy to manage. good luck, I hope things work out good for ya
  6. Thanks Nice Dreamz!
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    any comments?

    Any ideas how far along this is?

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  8. about three years, 24 months, 45 days, 36 hours and 69 seconds?
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    It's definitely 2 years

    And that's the truth... with some cheese on it :jointsmile:
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    I'M sorry, I just thought my question was related to your post... This is my first grow, and I am just wondering if my girls (well, atleast I think/hope they're girls ;->) have started the "flowering stage"... Or if it is the end of the veg... Is that not what you were asking? Is there something wrong with a few extra visuals to go along with your question? I think it would be nice to see a couple more pics of how your plants are doing now, rather than talking sh!t to the "new kid", who is just trying to help.
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    By the looks of thing, your doing an outside grow? It will depend on where you are, but I've heard those are done around october. As for the plants, they are either just starting to show preflowers at best, or likely still vegging.
  12. Relax! :D

    That picture isn't even mine.

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