Stages of Marijuana Smoking

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by FindingTim, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. FindingTim

    FindingTim Registered+

    These are the stages of smoking that I went through up until now, starting in my sophomore year of high school. I am now a freshmen at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, and I spent about 1/2 of the first semester completely baked. However, I hope this time my abstinence will be permanent. I am posting this in order to both promote my own decision to quit smoking, and to assist anyone who may be blind to their own similar experiences.

    1. Began pot experimentation around age 15, yet did not use habitually. Found experience to be life-changing . Even began to appreciate nature.

    2. Began to smoke on weekends with friends. Created countless priceless memories.
    3. Bought first sack, smoked alone for first time.
    4. Continued to buy, began to listen to classic rock, and spent many hours on message boards.
    5. Began to question marijuana use only because of potential cancer link, but began to smoke even more after reading numerous studies disproving the marijuana/cancer connection.
    6. Hardcore marijuana abuse over summer, sometimes going a week at a time without sobering up. In a brainwashed stupor, attempted to persuade many peers to try smoking.
    7. Lots of personal marijuana abuse over next two years, with several month long breaks in between.
    8. Began to recognize own smoking as an addiction and a problem, yet began to incorporate smoking into almost any type of activity.
    9. Began to realize that marijuana use was negatively affecting almost every aspect of life. Quit for a month several times, vowing to not smoke again for years. Continuously relapsed after a months time with justifications such as: “it’s been long enough,” and “I’ll only use occasionally.”
    10. Each month long break resulted in a mildly skeptical ‘welcome back’ smoke, which always led to hardcore, 24/7 pot smoking. Despite realizing that pot no longer provided the epic mental journey of sophomore year, continued to use and abuse.
    11. Began to pay close attention to levels of happiness and overall emotions while both stoned and sober. Found that happiness, intellect, and even enjoyment of music all were increased during days that followed pot binges, rather than during.
    12. Decided that social abilities, intelligence, and emotions are far too precious to waste by smoking pot.

    More personal observations:

    Positives of Marijuana Abuse:
    Get high
    Social involvement
    Negatives of Marijuana Abuse:
    Weight gain (munchies)
    Apathy (loss of emotions/feelings/motivation)
    Worse physical appearance (droopy eyes, not just while stoned)
    Memory loss
    Greatly weakened social ability
    No sex drive
    Increased estrogen (less muscle mass potential)
    Learning difficulty
    Loss of confidence
    Completely different personality
    No R.E.M. sleep or dreams
    Withdrawal Symptoms:
    Sleep disturbance
    Complete appetite loss
    Loss in confidence
    Mild depression

    So, after four years and thousands of bowls (literally), I am done. Oh, and please excuse my signature; I made it a long time ago.

    Final 10 cents:
    ---Dennis Kucinich 08'!--- (He happens to be the most reasonable and peace-minded candidate. Watch him in debates and you too may realize that he is the one candidate capable of making huge, positive change in this country.) :thumbsup:
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  2. 8182KSKUSH

    8182KSKUSH Registered+

    Wow, good luck to you I hope the best for you. If smoking is not in some way enriching your life then why do it? From what you have said the bad far out weighed the good and it sounds like you are doing the right thing.
  3. farmgirl

    farmgirl Registered+


    buddy your smoking the wrong stuff if you have no sex drive,i fing my sex performance becomes somewhat enhanced!but then again us farm chicks smoke some wierd shit!
  4. LIP

    LIP Banned

    The weight gain is your problem, nothing to do with the weed.
    Cannabis doesnt rob you of your emotions and motivation. Your just lazy.
    I dont get droopy eyes unless im stoned - i REALLY fail to see how cannabis can change the way you look when sober.
    How did cannabis weaken your social ability? Cannabis didnt, you did.
    Cannabis DOES NOT lower sex drive.
    Learning difficulty? Thats nothing to do with cannabis, maybe your just not the bright spark you thought you were.
    How did smoking cannabis make you less confident? It's YOU, not the weed.
    I dont see how cannabis can completely change you, it gets you stoned, and thats it. I dont see how/why it'd change your personality. [for the worse]
    And cannabis doesnt stop you dreaming, you dream everynight - you just cant always remember them.

    Moving onto withdrawl symptoms:

    Complete appetite loss - so your not eating ANYTHING? You havnt lost your appetite - your eating the amounts a normal person would. You just think you've lost your appetite because your not eating tons and tons of food when you have the munchies.

    Loss in condience? So, you've got none when your stoned, and when you quit, you've got none? Strange....

    Have you EVER thought to stop and look at yourself!? Maybe it's not the weed, but YOU.
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  5. FindingTim

    FindingTim Registered+

    Your only counter-argument that I even find slightly realistic is about my weight gain. But keep in mind, cannabis does increase appettite, so I'm not entirely to blame. I'm 6'0 165 though, which isn't overly large by any means.

    So what I've gathered is that you think cannabis can do nothing beyond get you stoned, and that it cannot have any direct effect on mental functioning... honestly, it sounds like you are in COMPLETE denial. A year ago I likely would have completely agreed with you... but I suspect that your thoughts will change with time.

    And as for marijuana, it contains chemicals that alter the way your brain works. How could you be so ignorant as to think that it cannot change your behavior, sleep, and appetite etc?

    Also, what inspired you to take my initial post so damn personally? Your all-cap words and obvious disgust seem a bit dramatic...

    The one statement I'd like to retract is that "(Weed) completely changed my personality." This is simply not true. It would be more accurate to say that it only allowed little flashes of my overall character to show through.

    I'm also curious if there are any studies that support any of what I have observed. Google here I come...
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  6. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Denial? You're how old? I've been smoking longer than you, more than you, and probably know more about it than you.

    And yes, your right. It disgusts me that people would be as ignorant as YOU.

    Your trying to blame your problems on weed, and THAT is pathetic.

    Weed doesnt do half the things you seem to think it does.

    Cannabis does increase your appetite - but it's YOUR choice to eat.

    The same goes for pretty much the rest of your post. Cannabis isnt doing these things to you, YOUR doing them to yourself.

    If cannabis caused all these problems, wouldnt everyone [ok, not everyone, but the majority] feel the same? Wouldn't the older smokers such as myself know ALL about this?

    Weed doesnt make you lazy - it doesnt nail your feet to the floor. You make yourself lazy.

    I dont think i mentioned anything about sleep, apart from dreaming - and what i said was 100% right.

    So, you carry on blaming all your failings as a human on weed, and have fun while you do it! :thumbsup: hahahahaa

    And if your going to try and prove me wrong, just make sure you stay away from the government sponcered/influenced websites, otherwise it's automatically void.
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  7. FindingTim

    FindingTim Registered+

    I'd also like to clarify one final thing: the section "Negatives of Marijuana abuse" does not mean the negatives perceived while stoned. It more accurately reflects the sober gaps of time in between smoke sessions.
  8. Da1One1

    Da1One1 Registered


    I love it, you tokers love it, and we scream for ________ !


    Da 01
  9. FindingTim

    FindingTim Registered+

    I am slightly offended by your remarks about my "failings as a human." Truthfully, my life is so incredible and I have such a wide variety of things going well for me that I would not trade my life situation for any other.

    Here's a question for you since you are "older" and "more experienced." Have you ever considered that you may have been smoking for so long, that you have completely forgotten how you once functioned. Could you be so far removed from what you once knew as reality, that you now blindly bitch out 18 year olds on message boards in defense of your drug addiction?

    Listen, what I wrote about is marijuana abuse. I believe that pot can be a positive substance when used in moderation. In terms of marijuana abuse, however, my observations are actually widely agreed with. I just did the googling...

    You see, your main argument is that I am blaming my own issues on marijuana, when I am truly the one to blame. Well, technically you are right, because I am to blame for smoking heavy amounts of denk marijuana. See my reasoning?

    Right now, I have been sober for a long enough time that I am passed the "withdrawal symptom" timetable. Literally, every single negative thing mentioned is no longer an issue for me.

    Oh, and as for goverment websites, I know they are biased pieces of shit when it comes to marijuana. I rely more on studies published at universities... and studies in general.
  10. Da1One1

    Da1One1 Registered

    listen man quit ranting

    I am Da 1 here talking to you.


    fill in the blank _______ , you feel me at least.


    da' one
  11. FindingTim

    FindingTim Registered+

    Well, whatever it is you are smoking it is preventing you from correctly spelling "weird."

    Just thought I'd help you out for future purposes...
  12. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Well, your not as ignorant as i thought you were - well done!

    Your right, everything in moderation. I got slightly heated because alot of the things you mentioned, you were blaming directly on the cannabis, when infact, it wasnt the cannabis.

    I've been smoking heavily since my teens, i smoke all day, everyday.

    It doesnt effect my life is any negative ways. I also smoke medicinally.

    Now, i smoke more than the normal person for a few reasons, 1 my supply is abit cheaper, 2 i smoke medicainally and 3 i can afford to. I work full time as a manager, and im stoned while i do it. I'm not lazy, i havnt lost my emotions, my sleeping is fine, and appetite is fine, my memory is fine [although i agree, short term memeory can be affected by weed]

    I'm certainly not addicted though. I dont crave cannabis, i choose to roll it up and get stoned. I enjoy every aspect of it, including the pain relief.

    It's very rare that i ever take a break, but when i do, i dont feel lazy, un movtivaed. I dont feel tired all the time, and i dont eat less. I dont feel jumpy, and i dont crave my weed.

    I know weed isnt for everyone. But just because you have problems, doesnt mean it's the weed thats causing them.

    If weed DID do all these things [be it when your stoned or sober] surely i would have had some first hand experience, concidering i smoke what most people would probably call too much.

    If there are any other older smokers reading this - give us your opinions.
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  13. Da1One1

    Da1One1 Registered

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  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

  15. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I'm also sorry for offending you, FindingTim.

    The trick with my posts is to ignore most of whats in them haha.
  16. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    LIP - Not accepting other peoples opinions since 06.
  17. PackAnotherBowl

    PackAnotherBowl Registered

    I agree completly.
  18. PatrickHenry

    PatrickHenry Registered+

    Very insightful post. Thank you for sharing, Tim.

    I find myself on the same journey it seems. I haven't yet been able to quit though. I can't decide if I'm in denial or what.

    My life seems ok, I have a job I love, wife I love, and a kid on the way. I have good friends and am able to maintain a life similar to before smoking weed, if not better. I just get this feeling that maybe I'm missing out by lighting up each day? I usually smoke a bowl each day after work and a bit on the weekends.
  19. lagstronaut

    lagstronaut Registered+

    Well Tim I'm at the exact same stage right now.

    Before years of smoking ridiculous amounts every day, I was a bright, chipper, funny kid.

    Pot was great in the first stages of my smoking it, but like you MANY negative effects started to surface after a while. And it only took not having a smoke for a few days to realise what these negative effects really were.

    And now I have put all my bongs and pipes away, intentionally left my half-o at my buddys house, and I couldn't be happier. My mind is clearer, I have much more motivation, and I'm not a fumbling nervous wreck in social situations.

    If I continued to smoke pot all-day every-day like I was, my life would continue to be shit. I don't want to work at some 9-to-5 retail shop doing stupid meaningless work so the owner of the company can make a little extra profit on top of his/her millions. I have dreams of my own, and they began to fade with chronic pot use.
  20. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    One size does not fit all!

    Having been toking for 40 odd years, the last 4 every day use for medical reasons, I have experienced very little of what you describe! My dreams are vivid, my energy levels are high, I've lost 60 pounds, I work in special education, am very artistic and creative and the brain seems to be functioning well at age 60. Everyone thinks I'm in my mid40s or 50s, when I just turned 60.

    I don't have a lot of close friends, but I have friendships going back 30 years. My lack of having many truly close friends is by choice and I am well liked by my fellow workers and "ordinary" friends. I'm not a "social butterfly". I don't go to the frequent "potlucks" my school throws, but that is due to severe food allergies (not life threatening, but very unpleasant)- I don't want to end up in the hospital again! Eating anyone else's food can be a gamble!

    I use every day and I feel my life is better for it emotionally and physically. For me it is the difference between a life plagued with migraines and cluster headaches, and a normal life. When I started this job at the school, I stayed pretty well "straight" for 3 years before the constant pain drove me to get "California legal" - for me, being "straight" is hellish!

    So, different strokes for different folks! The world would be dull if we were all alike (like the prohibs seem to want us to be). If you feel pot is detrimental for you at this stage of your life, by all means quit. It would be foolish not to. May you be happy :) - Granny:hippy:
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