Starting Seeds in Rapid Rooter?!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by GDS StonerBoy, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. GDS StonerBoy

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    This was my first time and probably last time starting seeds in RR! I had to help most of my seeds get through the precut hole because the RR are to tough for them to move through. After helping as many as possible make it through it seems like only 5 are gonna make it out of 8! I gave the m all 3 days in the rapid rooters and the cotyledons were all bunched up in the RR's trying to reach the top. 1 day after helping most of them out they all began turning from the pale green color to the dark green healthy color! Only one made it through successfully on its own and its the healthiest of them all. Unless anyone can tell me away to plant seeds in them without having this problem, i truly dont recommend these to anyone but pro's!
  2. xcrispi

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    I happen to like them for that reason .
    I don't get all the stretch in the begining , beans are busy pushing roots through the R/R instead of all the stretch going on before the cotyl. show up .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  3. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    So do your seeds actually make it through the top? because none of mines did. Thats the only problem i had! Only one made it through naturally and i'm afraid im gonna lose like 3 or 4 of them because of this. Do you have any tips on the correct way to put start seeds in them.
  4. Opie Yutts

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    Why buy RR when you can just buy peat for a lot less. I'm pretty sure it's the same, and you wouldn't have to worry about them pushing through. When growing from seed, I plant it in soil PHd to 6.8, not peat. I keep it warm and moist and whada ya know, they sprout. I've had better luck this way than with the paper towel method. I've never saw a need to spend money on RR.
  5. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    I only used the RR's because i want to transplant seedlings into a drip system. Peat moss usually begins to crumble if you take that net off of them and their being wet constantly. I'm just looking for a method that i can try with RR's that'll work out better than what just happened to me. I dont want to waste anymore seeds because they'll all germed but some got trapped in the RR's and after three days im pretty sure they started dying even though a few are starting to thrive since i've cut away some of the RR. Only one made it alone and im sure people have to be getting better results than this if everyone is reccommending them!
  6. xcrispi

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    Good thinkin esp. w/ transfer to hydro ,
    You don't need crap floatin around in system from peat . Someone asked why not peat moss = way phucked up p/h probs. occour in hydro from the stuff .
    Wish I had more info to offer man , mine made it all fine , it does take a lil longer here though . ???
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  7. twoguysupnorth

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    i have molds, the tray that the plugs fit into. im seriously thinking about coco in them. what do you think? coco is cheap at the pet store. i still have peat, im thinking that it will be bulb/seed storage from now on.
  8. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    Ok i just want to apologize to myself and GH for downing Rapid Rooters! Upon my next attempt to start some seedlings in them i took the advice of PROGROWANNABE and i slit some new holes in the bottom of the RR's. The seedlings sprouted wonderfully and all of them are coming up well.

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