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  1. Cinderella 99 is one of my favorite strains it's nice to see someone else growing her! Where did you say your hybrid comes from? Female seeds is it? You gata let me know how she tastes and smokes! I can't wait to see what the results are for you bro!
    The story of Cindy99 is pretty cool. How Mr soul found the "princess" cut of Jack Herer!
    Anyways good luck in flower man! I hope she preform well for you!
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  2. Wagonweed

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    As far as I know, I haven't tried it before. When I read about it , it sounded amazing so I had to give it a grow. I'm really looking forward to it. All the grow logs I read for Cindy by female seeds where great success.

    Couple of mine already have that pineapple kind of scent that you get with a good Jack.
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  3. Wagonweed

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    My setup is pretty much all done, can't think of any upgrades that I need. Other than basic stuff like more nutes. I'm just about all out, so I may try a new line out. Or stick with what I'm using and instead add some type of big bud, overdrive or whatever else's is out there.
    What's everyone using?
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    I've been using Canna nutes.
    Terra Vega every other watering for vegging after two weeks and Terra Flores every other watering during flower.
    I also use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil throughout the grow.
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    I've always used Fox Farms basic nutrient line...But that is mostly a choice based on familiarity and convenience.
    I have heard good and bad things about most of the readily available lines, and I think after the next grow or two, I want to start moving away from the liquid nutes and start mixing up some super soil.
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  6. I agree with TLD420.
    I have tried fox farm, they are perfect line for beginners! The only thing I didn't like was the PH drift the soil and nutes cause. I have tried house and garden they were ok.
    Last summer I wanted a change up, so I spent a ridiculous amount on overpriced Advanced nutrients. Don't get me wrong they have good products. That preform well with good results. But you don't need all those expensive bottles to grow amazing plants. And synthetic grown bud burns my throat! At least for me it's all about quality of the potency and taste it's not about speed or quantity for me.
    Before I give my opinion I want everyone to realize there are a million ways to grow with a million methods and everyone has their own system. Find something you like and that works for you and stick with it!
    I used to think having the best nutrients would give me the best product. A lot of new growers do. When in fact that's so false! Don't get me wrong; the MJ plant like every other plant does need nutrients to live. But you don't need to break the bank and getting the insane amount of bottles some companies offer. I have smoked organically grown bud and omg! As soon as I use up the rest of my synthetics and learn a little more about organic growing; im going fully organic with compost teas and water! I'm currently reading True Living Organics. It's a great read!
    But in my opinion it better to do it organic. Here's my personal opinion when you build a super soil it's sooooo much cheaper, it's organic so it's healthier for you, the smoke is smoother, terpenoids are more prominent (tastier), cannabinoid levels go up(higher levels of THC and CBD.) AND ITS NATURAL!
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  8. Wagonweed

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    Thanks for everyone's input on what they are using. For sure organic is best if you can do it right. And there's always a battle between the synthetic kind.
    I'm still using AN ph perfect, until it's empty it's the only one I've ever used. So I can't compare it anything.
    I see wild claims on some bottles, ie. Better terps, potency, yield.
    Wasn't thinking about all these extra additives before, now I am.
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  9. Wagonweed

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  10. OGiesel

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  11. Right now I am using Advanced Nutrients. And some other supplements.
    I can tell you I am done spending all my money on bottled crap.
    I am transitioning to Organic growing. I have had the privilege to smoke some organic flower and it was amazing! Top notch quality and great smooth taste!
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