State of the Tent #3 Tutankhamon and Pink Cadillac

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Wagonweed, Oct 16, 2017.

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  2. Wagonweed

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    Normal method. Hang till branches start to snap then cut off the buds. Let sit out another day or two then in jars. I trim while they are hanging and do a final manicure before jarring.
  3. RUJU

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    Nice, I'm planning on trying to sweat mine, but will see how it goes.

    Your girls are looking extra tasty! Are the drooping fan leaves typical towards the end of the flowering period or is it due to flushing?
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    [QUOTE="RUJU, post: 2343905, member: 274750" Your girls are looking extra tasty! Are the drooping fan leaves typical towards the end of the flowering period or is it due to flushing?[/QUOTE]
    Ya its the flush. They were needing some water asap. Once I see them drinking significantly less I know they are not far off from done. So I let it dry out a fair bit between waterings near the end.
  5. Wagonweed

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    Here is what the weights are so far.
    Tut #1 32g
    Tut #2 24g
    Caddy 28g

    The last two plants will be coming down by weeks end.
  6. DirtyBlueGene

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    Nice frosty buds, bro. Hope they cure up nice n' sweet.
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  7. Wagonweed

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    Chopped today!
  8. Wagonweed

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    That ends this one.
    Ill update the weight when these two are dry.

    This grow went much better than the last run. Main reason was no serious mite infestation.

    Yield here could of been a lot higher if I trained all 5 and transplanted them.
    I only had the time in hindsight lol.

    All in all Im happy with it.
  9. Wagonweed

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    Last two down were 33g and 23g.
    140g total from all 5. 1gal pots, not much to no training and i still pulled more down than the last 4 tut in 3gal.
    Shows how much mites suck. This run was virtually bug free. If i would of trained and uppotted id have a much bigger yield yet still better than with the bugs. I'm happy. Lots of awesome awesome bud. Supply is built back up.
    I got some bubble bags so maybe ill post hash log next with all the trim.
    Ill try to get some bud shots up soon.

    Thanks for following along everyone!
  10. Wagonweed

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    Here is a shot of:
    Tut #1

    Pink Cadillac

    Sorry they are out of focus a bit. Didnt notice till after.

    Tut is real potent. Strong hit to the head that intensifies after a few mins. Don't smoke too much or you'll zone out standing there thinking about what you want to do but not actually doing it. Just enough and it is motivating.

    Caddy is another deadly strain. It hits real hard on the lungs. Smooth but smoke feels real heavy not harsh or scratchy. I think thats part of the diesel lineage. I noticed the same feeling on the lungs with sour diesel.
    Caddy hits the head full blast no wait time. Its mildy energizing. The taste and smell are amazing right away, there's no fresh smell in cure. I can't even describe how it smells or tatse its awesomely unique. Both strains are well worth your time. Yield on them is high. They just need more height and watts. They could easily do a qp per plant or more indoors. Outdoors ive seen each hit over 3lb here in Canada. Further south I bet they become serious trees.
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