Stealth harvesting techniques searched on 5 forums and haven't seen a topic on this!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Mariano Gomes, Jan 30, 2018.

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    So I have read on the forums during the times of harvest is when the plant would smell the most. But I haven't found exact instructions on how to keep stealth during harvest. I live with one other person in the house who I am keeping this from. Buying all the essentials like carbon filter and ona buckets.... The grow tent will be in a locked room and will be exhausting air during harvest. My plan around this time will be to close all the windows the carbon scrubber would exhaust in the room and I would place the ona gel outside the room and one as well in the living room. Are there holes in my procedure? Would adding a cheap ozone generator outside my tent help as well. I want to be extra stealthy. Better safe than butt rape.
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    "I live with one other person in the house who I am keeping this from."

    There is a question of ethics.
    If you get busted what effect would it have on that "one other person"?
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  3. Mariano Gomes

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    Nothing would happen to her really she's my maid. The worst thing could happen is to me if she tells the wrong people. I don't live in America btw. so right now I am thinking of firing her and getting a maid who doesn't stay in the house.... Maybe that would be safer for her and for me.
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    How DARE YOU think of others... Love ya bro:thumbsup:
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    Get a HOT ONE. Just my opinion...
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