Stems and seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Okay Pineapple, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm still a newb when it comes to weed. Its only been the past month that I've been smoking on a semi-regular basis.

    So anyway, I was wondering about stems and seeds? What do you do with them? A friend of mine throws them out, another friend eats them, and still another claims that you can just smoke them.
  2. Mr. TBAGU 420

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    Ok, i stash my stems and seeds in a beef jerkey can. It looks like the size of an altoids can. That's the best place to store them. Throwing them out could work too. May be risky depending on where you live and everything.

    Your friend eats them? He is by far an idiot sir. Why would you EVER wanna eat stems and seeds? That is sick.

    NEVER, EVER SMOKE STEMS OR SEEDS!! That is horrible for you. People that leave seeds and stems in their weed piss me off. It does not get you high and it taste like shit. Also, it seems to burn a hella lot too. That's a bad thing to do. Always remove it from the weed.
  3. pattyboy

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    yea don't smoke stems and seeds, especially not seeds because they lower your sperm count. also its ok if you eat marijuana seeds cuz they're good for ya. and you can save the stems to make hash
  4. free bird

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    save up a lot of stems, then get a container and a screen, put the stems in and shake it up and then youll get kief, then smoke the kief
  5. 420mory

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  6. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Throw the stems out and save the brown (some have black stripes on them) seeds to plant in soil or ground for later :).
  7. punkrockzero

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    personally, stems get me higher than regular bud when i smoke them. you can also make tea with them...
  8. invision

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    that is highly doutful!
  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Oh really? :confused:
  10. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Dont do that shit, it's a waste of what the sweet cannabis plant uses it's energy to produce. They make seeds for them to be parents and produce their own so take the seeds and do what the mothers intended for them to do and groooow :Rasta:

    Legalize it!
  11. punkrockzero

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    yeah. one [big] bowl got me fucked up for three hours
  12. D res

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    fuck the seeds. im not in a situation where i can grow so i toss them. and i also heard they lower your sperm count if smoked. if someone can prove otherwise then please do.

    i only pack tiny stems in my bowl, usually just the peices that are stuck to the bud when i tear it off. i dont intentionally pack inch long stems or anything though. I eat those. They're kind of hard to get down but usually if I eat a nice size stem or two about 40 minutes or so before I go to sleep, I get a real nice body buzz.
  13. 420purplehaze420

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    risky? you think cops go rootin through your garbage? and to go through a full bag of garbage and find a teeny seed is pretty amazing...

    eat the stems or save em up or throw them out....and plant the seeds
  14. dhsreppin

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    u save your seeds and stems so that in the future u can use them to make a tea or something
  15. stothelutz

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    Recently I save my seeds and stems then throw them in a bottle of gin for about a week then when I run outa weed I drink the gin.
  16. slpntrx5

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    save stems and make eiher green dragon or cannabutter with them!!! yeaaaaaah!
  17. josh g

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    DO what you want!!! You can:

    Make tea
    Collect them and make kif
    Make Cannabutter
    Make green dragon
    Eat 'em
    Plant the seeds
    Smoke the stems... and if you dont wanna get anyone pregnant smoke the seeds too...
  18. Maniac777

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    I just smoke em, hey it lowers your sperm count, jeez for most guys it shouldnt be a problem, and dont Stems get you high? always got me buzzed
  19. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Seeds, I keep if it is a healthy seed, to use.

    Stems, I use to throw away, until I saw tthis video on on how to make kif from stems. Yesterday, I made a little contraption with silk screen to the kif to fall through, and with about a half ounce of stems, I got about a gram of kif. Sounds like a lot, it is, but whenever I get a stem, I just toss it in this box. Plus, it takes only about 5min to make this kif.

    Better than tossing them I think. Plus kif is potent as fuck. 1 bong rip and I cockeyed.
  20. myselfandi

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    I keep them around in a jar, saving up to make kif. I wouldn't suggest smoking them, there is little THC and the smoke sucks.

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