Stems and Stalk Are Turning Purple, Help! Pics Included

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by CollieBuddz, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. CollieBuddz

    CollieBuddz Registered

    I've noticed that the stems of my plant are turning purple, also the stalk has some purple showing as well. Does anyone know why this might be? I am using 24-8-16 Miracle Grow every few weeks. I have two 40 watt fluoros that are kept on 24x7. Any replies will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  2. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    it looks like calcium def.
    are you using R/O water?
    whats your PH?
  3. CollieBuddz

    CollieBuddz Registered

    I've been using tap water since the very first day of growing. I don't have a ph meter to determine the level. Could this be happening because of the tap water?
  4. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    nah, more probably because of low PH and nute lock out.
    when did you last flush???
  5. CollieBuddz

    CollieBuddz Registered

    I have never flushed my plants. I am a first time grower, so everything is new to me. Is flushing recommended every once in a while?
  6. turksteelman

    turksteelman Registered+

    I have seen this on a couple of plants also. Only the bottom set of the 4 leave intersection is purple just like yours. Been like that since it was a seedling. Its now well grown.
  7. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    relax, that 'purpling' is most likely a result of temperature variances, and will do no harm ... later, in flowering, it can indicate a phosphorous deficiency, but I haven't personally encountered that problem (yet) ... :jointsmile:
  8. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    Imagereaper brings up a good Q?
    What are your temps around there? I have warm all year so I never see the cold purpling problem.
    And yes flushing is important at certain times.
    If your going into your last 2 weeks of flower then you want to flush.
    If your PH is wildly off, you probably want to flush.

    I'm only assuming the PH thing cause your using MG fert and maybe even MG soil. I used that on my first go and had many PH issues.
    I never saw the PH problems in my plants cause I always detected the falling PH before it was an issue.
  9. ocbornandrazd

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    don't trip.what kind is it?maybe that is her way?I have this happen and it doesn't seem to do damage,the smoke has still been kickin.Don't look for problems that aren't problems.
  10. CollieBuddz

    CollieBuddz Registered

    I was told that it might be Super Silver or Silver Haze. Could this strain be the result of purple stems and stalks?
  11. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    I have absolutely NO idea how the idea of Ca deficiency came into play here! :wtf:

    Purple petioles and stems are signs of Sulfur deficiency, low temps, or even simply related to the strain.

    You need a better fertilizer either way. The MG you are using isn't appropriate for any cannabis life stage, and your dosage rates are no good anyway.

    You also need to check the pH of your soil runoff to eliminate lockout.

    Without a better pic that shows more of the plant, plus info on your growing conditions (look in the sticky!!!) all this is just guessing.
  12. sk8sativa420

    sk8sativa420 Registered

    how far away are your lights
  13. Ganja Guerrilla

    Ganja Guerrilla Registered+

    I found this ferts 24-8-16 Miracle Grow to be the best thing Ive ever used for the vegatative cycle, it contains all the micro & macro nutes , the high nitrogen content is primarilly urea based (organic form of nitrogen) which makes it almost difficult to burn plants (with the strength I use, 2 LEVEL teaspoons per gallon of water) I feed every other watering and balance the PH of the ferts solution, I expect to see a 1/2 inch a day growth using this

    you dont want to use 24-8-16 Miracle Grow if you grow in a confined area :D
  14. Hennessy1414

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  15. Gundari

    Gundari Registered+

    lol he's implying that the growth would be so fast your plant would out grow your confined space :p

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