Stems turning red??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MTbudman, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. MTbudman

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    My 2 weeks old seedlings this morning have turned alittle red in the stems and wondering what this could be from or if I should worry about it..
    2days ago I noticed on a few leaves of some brown tips. I figured I over did the nutes. So have been just using distilled water. Could this be part of it?
    Thanks for any help with keeping my babies going..:thumbsup:
  2. budsndrums

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    It could be nothing to worry about - I have seen strains that show reddened stems right away (my Purple Kush does this every time). Pics would help if you want more responses
  3. Dutch Pimp

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    I get the reddish stems every goes away, later...:jointsmile:..tap water is usually better, and no nutes are needed the first 3 weeks.
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  4. JungleSuperstar

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    agreed with everyone else i got red stems on mine there 11 days old, nothing to worry about, sometimes can be caused by cold conditions or depending on strain,

    what u shud be worried about is feeding it nutes that early!!! good decision to move to distilled water:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. MTbudman

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    Thanks guys for your tips. I will stay off the nutes for another week and just use distilled water. I'm not sure what the 8 seedlings are since they started from seed of unknown. 1 this morning is starting to droop, hope it will recover.
    I will also get some pics soon to see what you guys think..
  6. JungleSuperstar

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    im same as u man i got 8 unknowns and 1 skunk no.1 fem

    droopy? could be overwatered? a pic might help? but try nt giving it any water for a few days see if it perks up
  7. MTbudman

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    I started with 20 unknown seeds and ended up with 18 germinating..:thumbsup: Since my area is small I moved 10 to my brothers and kept the 8 to use as testers. Last week a buddy got me a clone of sapphire star so I added her to the
    I'm thinking over watered or just being stupid and adding nutes. I will get pics soon to have you guys look just to get a better idea.
    I've read for newbies to get pics and ask questions before trying to figure it out with no
  8. MTbudman

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    1. As you can see Feona is droopy and some spots on her tips.
    2. Is my week old clone
    3-5. Are of the set up area..

    This is my first grow so any tips would really help. Also the plant names are from my wife so please don't laugh to hard. Atleast two of them have nice names like Garter and Hooters..:thumbsup:

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