Stink Bugs?

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  1. Has anyone had the problem of having stink bugs invade your indoor plants? They only exist in certain parts of the USA but over time have become very annoying. It's weird that our country never had these bastards until just the past 5 years or so. I know they like heat so the MH/HPS could be a factor. Any experience or tips are greatly appreciated.
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    I wish you had gotten resposes

    Lack of caretaker for my girls in early summer caused a complete loss, years of work/ genetics.

    I am just rebuilding now and am paranoid of all bugs. These "stink bugs" or shield bugs are also new to us and preliferation this year is huge. I am finding them almost daily.
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    pestilence from Asia ruining crop

    Hi there enthusiast,a friend of mine has very same problem,and we were talking of what to do. These bugs came from Asia on a cargo ship nearly a decade ago to my understanding, and havn't migrated west too far yet, so mags like 'High Times' , etc. don't even seem to be aware of problem yet; but as you know we are very aware! The damned things seem to love cannabis as they migrate right toward it once inside, and 1-yes ONE bug causes devastation to a perfectly healthy plant. The solution as it is now is to hermetically seal your space-meaning screen any windows,using wood strips/tape, or whatever means neccesary to prevent them from getting in; also, take care when opening entry door because the heat (or smell) draws them in real quick! Other than that, I don't have much to offer, as I am just starting to search for a chemical remedy to ERADICATE these pests without doing damage to crop. One more suggestion-traps-some work, some dont, but the ones that do seem to have sugar water placed in bottom that bugs are attracted to, so they fall in water and drown. Best of luck bro.

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