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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by zzdank, Mar 1, 2008.

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    So i thought i would post this. I have stomach flu right now and have not been smoking because i thought inhaling smoke will make me throw up. Because i smoked a cig and threw up. So i decided to and i was surprised that it acctuly took all my nasua away that i had because of the flu. So I thought i would just post this as i found out that inhailing like 4 bowls worth of smoke acctuly helped alot. :jointsmile::jointsmile::jointsmile:
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    ok .. ... so why might marijuana be good for chemo patients??????? isnt this common knowledge?
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    not to be a dick but duhhhh dude if you wer to google medical bud im sure you would have found sum info about why they give cancer patients medical bud to calm the stomach but ya good idea to smoke only 1 or 2 times fight the urge to munch but if your sick to your stomach that should not be a poble aight bro feel betta and dont share your bowl joint blunts bongs or what ever you get lifted with wid any 1 eles
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    Guys, always remember.....

    NONE of us were born knowing about cannabis. We were ALL noobies at one time. This kid made an independent observation- cannabis stops nausea. OK, so there are quite a few studies that state this, but this kid didn't (apparently) know this and was sharing important info! That he didn't know makes this an unbiased observation, which is valuable! Take it in the spirit it was offered! Don't "cap" on the kid for trying to share knowledge!

    If you HAVE to say something, why not just refer him to my birthday post and let him educate himself! There has been all too much squabbling and hassling around here lately! We should all aim at helping one another- we are all on the same side, ya know! :thumbsup: - Granny:hippy:
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  6. zzdank

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    I know about cancer paitents and and it helps with the nausa that is caused by cancer. What i was trying to say that the smoke from cannabis did not make me sick i just thought that it would cause it is still smoke. Oh and storm crow i read the mmj health link under your sig there are some really intresting studies i read thanks alot.
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    my mom also has cancer and has gone and still is going through treatments she doesnt smoke but takes a pill that has the same effect as tokein would sorry if i came off as a dick cuz i know idea i dont know who you are but i am gonna pray for you keep ya head high and you spirit higher
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    No problem. It was not clear what i was saying. Ya am not fan of marinol tho. I think cannabis as whole should be legal everywhere for medical purpuses. Cannabis is truley a cure for all. :Rasta:
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    kind of just sounds like he was telling a story and yall took it too critically

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