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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by silversurfer, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. silversurfer

    silversurfer Registered

    we all love the green
    you and i
    lets smoke some weed
    and get high

    one bong two bong
    red bong blue bong

    w is for the way it makes me feel
    e is for every season i peel
    e is for everyday i smoke
    d is for the dank nugs i toke

    this is not a joke
    you know i like to toke
    i smoke all kinds of weed
    but never the seed
    if you smoke a bong
    you'll never go wrong
    lets roll a j
    its the only way
    just bought a pound
    it can go all around
    this some dank bud
    something something thud
  2. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut Registered+

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Cannabis is green,
    Violets are blue (did I say that already?)
  3. Cassiopiea

    Cassiopiea Registered+

  4. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    Keys of Faith, Keys of Joy,
    Keys of Peace, Keys of Lore,
    A Bong is the key,
    The Key to the Way.

    The Way is not a rebellion, or a haughty way to get attention,
    The Way is a solution to the everydayness of most lives.
    Changing wonder to mystical, love to passion, colors at every corner.
    Promoting solemn brotherhood amongst all things, it inspires no wars, or battles of any kind.
    The Way is Utopia. Let our lungs be our wings. Destination or not- we will surely travel in style.
    and then just something I wrote stoned:
    Fluttering skirts... longing stares through rain-stained windows
    Sinking teeth into a red-burned apple, the hum and flow of laughter
    Floating above feilds of green, running full steam into spring.
    Climbing steps into foreign buildings in foreign cities,
    Sharing un-controllable smiles with an old friend, hugging in a combustion of joy and reminisce.
    Admiring the brown tendrils of hair, curling back up on a neck of purity,
    Evening campfires, the glow of the stars twinkling down upon soothed spirits,
    Every morning a blissful reminder of being alive another day,
    Life. Infinitely Perplexing Love.
  5. MaryJaneintheCloset

    MaryJaneintheCloset Registered+

    Whoa. Intense guys.
  6. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    classic, that is stoner poetry for sure. :D
  7. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    poetry is gay.
  8. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

    poetry is not gay..well i do not really care who cares if its gay-its the same as rap i love rap...mabyee i'm gay...yes a big flameing fag...that's me- hypnotizedmind is a catcher.

    free yo mind, free yo soul,
    release yo thoughts and load a bowl.
    pack it tight hit it slow,
    but don't pass to hyp-mind,he's an assho
  9. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    sorry its my opinion, i stick by it.
  10. smoke it

    smoke it Registered+

    hahahaha thats funny. and poerty isnt gay, your just too stupid to comprehend the beauty of it.
  11. the yeag

    the yeag Banned

  12. buddymyfriend

    buddymyfriend Registered+


    I love poetry, such a great way to express yourself!
  13. Greenport

    Greenport Registered+

    Life is short not that long
    Roll a joint and toke on...
    pack a bong
    pack a bowl
    Light it up
    take it slow
  14. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    I've never been a fan of poetry and as such I've never been good at it. I respect it though, I just can't tell you whats good or not. Everything I've read here is as good as anything I've read in a book as far as I'm concerned.
  15. budsmoker

    budsmoker Registered+

    violets are blue
    weed is green
    i love weed
    and so do u:)

    yeah yeah i know i suck at poetry:eek:
  16. wayoftheleaf

    wayoftheleaf Registered+

    The leaf is the truth
    the truth in your mind

    A truth that only you can see
    So true to me and free

    This freedom in my mind and soul
    I never wish to let it go

    The bong sor ound
    so colorful and large

    Takes you to the other worlds
    where little men dance around

    The freedom the leaf gives
    so grand and pure

    Yet the MAN wants to get rid of us
    Like seeds in a bag

    We are nothing to them
    Just ants in a stream

    This world we see and feel
    It is but a dream

    We live it and see it but still we know
    Fuch Bush and the government, lets take a toke.
  17. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    im smarter than you.
    i just dont like the poetry that doesnt mean shit but people think it does mean something, but really its just random words.

    but im talking old poetry..not your little stoner poems, those are cool.

    i just noticed the name of the thread, it changes everything.
    ive been smoking alot lately, sorry.
  18. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    I agree with you.
    A lot of poetry is written, and then people try to interpret it.
    Why the fuck would you write something that needs to be interpreted?
    And I don't like poetry in general, I love music, but poetry is just...
    Different Strokes for Different Folks.
    Heres my abstract fuck you have a shitty time interpreting nothing poem of the day.
    Suck it, Suck it, Oh My jellyfish,
    Twisting foray, Dire rambuctious,
    Holding virtue steady on the wing,
    Trying Blue.
    Studiously round, amongst the Crab people.
  19. buddymyfriend

    buddymyfriend Registered+

    Buddy was here, but now he's not
    He's round the corner smoking pot.
    You see He wrote this poem to make a point,
    There's nothing better than a joint!:thumbsup:
  20. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    roll a blunt, wrap it nice
    pass the beers, pass the light
    see the night, see the day
    see new horizons from my J

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