Stoner Rap Songs!!!

Discussion in 'Original Music' started by Sir420, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. Sir420

    Sir420 Registered

    Here are some songs I love to listin to when I am high there slow and filled with alot of basse.

    1.krayzie bone - smokin buddah
    2.Krayzie Bone - thug mentality
    3.Richi Rich- Do G's Get To Go
    4.Bonethugs - Extacy
    5.BoneThugs - Weed Song
    6.BoneThugs - This is for the weed
    7.BoneThugs - Look Into My Eyes
    8.BoneThugs - Life Goes On

    Wat Songs do u play when u r all stoned?
  2. chrace

    chrace Registered+

    Dead Prez- I have a dream too, almost all other Dead Prez
    Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
    Portishead - All mine, Hell is around the corner
    Any Jeff Buckley - Lover, you shouldve come over, Lilac wine, so real, its all good
    Miles Davis
    Oh, and Spaghetti western music (kill bill, maccirone and likes)
  3. IrkenInvader

    IrkenInvader Registered+

    dude, like all rap music is stoner music. But anyways stoned I like electronic-type music like Air (alone in kyoto) and Zero 7 (in the waiting line, destiny), but also stuff like The Shins (new slang, caring is creepy) and Jefferson Airplane (white rabbit). Any song by Belle and Sebastian is also great.
  4. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    Ya'll need to check out a few songs by twiztid. Bagz is my fave. Hit me up on msn and i can send anyone who wants some tracks
  5. caligreen420

    caligreen420 Registered

    Bone Thugs- P.O.D(pot over drugs)&Weed Song
    Luniz-I got 5 on it
    Nas- Lifes a bitch
    Krayzie Bone- Smokin Buddah & Rebel Music feat. Bob Marley!!!!
    Brotha Lynch Hung-Siccmade & Deep Down
    Jedi Mind Tricks- Nadia Cambia & The Wolf
    2pac- Hail Mary
  6. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Datz What i Said
    Wu Tang Clan - Careful
    Bone Thugs - Down 4 my Thang
    Bone Thugs ft Eazy E - Foe The love of Money
    Ganksta C - 3 weel Motion
    Pluto - We Gone Ride
    Ganksta C - Dank`s got me Skitsin
    Eazy E - Real Mothafuckin G`s
    Cypres Hill - Roll it up Light it up Smoke It up
  7. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    oh yeah and Luniz ft. Kool G Rap - We Got More
  8. az666

    az666 Registered+

    yeah twiztid and kottonmouth kings rule
  9. HughESan

    HughESan Registered+

    1.Mother Fuckin Real ~Eazy~E
    2.Symphony In X major~Xzibit
    5.Nuttin But A G thang~Dre & Snoop
    6.Creep N Crawl~Eazy~E
    7.Ghetto Vet~Ice Cube
    8.Neighbor Hood Sniper~Eazy~E
  10. HughESan

    HughESan Registered+

    Yeah man, eazy is one of the only ways to go with stoner rap..
  11. HughESan

    HughESan Registered+

    And there is also

    Bobby Digital-Rza

    Behind the walls- Kurupt
  12. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    Twiztid - Bagz
    Twiztid & Lazy Bone - Hydro
    Kottonmouth Kings - First Class (Shit.. everything by KMK.)
    Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum

    There's a few off the top of my head.
  13. spiritualized1

    spiritualized1 Registered

    As Lidu Rock says...

    On your host down set, we gets biz and keep you jumpin
    Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin
    My BCC come wit that shit that's steady bumpin
    Lidu Rock, Twanny Ranks, and D-O-G so stop frontin
    We don't need it, we don't need it
    All I really wanna do is stay weeded
    We don't need it, we don't need it
    All I really wanna do is stay weeded
  14. friedday

    friedday Registered

    bone thugs- weed song
    bone thugs- budsmokkas only
    krayzie bone- smokin buddah
    bizzy bone- friedday
    lay bone + twizted- hydro
    bone thugs- xtc
    im having writers block but last i heard from krayzie bone and his entrourage he plans on realeasing an album w/all weed songs entitled zonin
  15. UserName AlphaNiner

    UserName AlphaNiner Registered+

    Deltron 3030
    Mos Def
    Sweatshop Union
    Prefuse 73
    DJ Shadow
  16. tyrael

    tyrael Registered

    these arnt my favourite but they are stoner rap songs.
    luniz - i got 5 on it
    Krayzie Bone- Smokin Buddah
    kottonmouth kings - kings blend
    kottonmouth kings - bad habits
    kottonmouth kings - bong tokin alcoholics

    not really stoner rap but...

    2pac - Ghost
    2pac - hail mary
    2pac - toss it up

    anything from pac is good :)
  17. 18 CLARK

    18 CLARK Registered


    Check out and get the HOT cd "SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO" by THE INDIVIDUALS!
  18. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    Best song is Ice Cube - You Know How we do it and also
    B.G. Knocc Out and Gangsta Dresta - Compton `n Watts
  19. gdat

    gdat Registered

    hood shit-Majik's in tha building

    T.H.U.A. - weed song
    T.H.U.A. - get loose
    T.H.U.A. - south side
    Any type of Bone
    Any type of pac
    Any type of hood shit

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  20. chakruh

    chakruh Registered+

    forgetting Atmosphere, Devin the Dude, Andre Nickatina(mad bass tones)

    some random dope tracks

    Wu Tang - MC Conditioner, Chrome Wheels, visionz
    Dungeon Family - Follow the Light
    Dre Dog - Fire
    Dr Doom(aka Kool Keith, aka Professor Girbick, aka Dr. Octogon) - Blue Flowers, you live at home with your moms.
    Blackalicious - Ego Sonic Wardrums
    Swollen Members - Northern Lights
    Smut Peddlers - one by one
    Mos Def - Bedstuy Parade & Funeral Marc
    MF Doom/dangerdoom/ - mince meat, bizzy box

    basicly I got tracks 4 days, stoned twennyfour seven

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