Stones, Rocks, Extraterrestrial Rocks: Feeling of energy.

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    My whole familys really deep into spirituallity and over the past couple of years. We have collected mass amounts of crytals from all over the world. A lot of extraterrestrial rocks, these living male/female stones called Bogi stones, etc. But my question is, when I grow weed and put these rocks into the soil. My plants become huge so fast. And the smoke is incredible. I can hold stones and feel energy rushing though my arms with different stones the energy is more intense. When im high though you can feel the stone almost move in your hand.

    Anyone else fascinated by different crystals or rocks? :Rasta:
  2. Innominate

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    That sounds amazing.
  3. dragonrider

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    If you have a bag of Bogis, do they make Bogi babies?
  4. GraziLovesMary

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    Yes, but I dont have the money to spend right now. I would love to learn and research more, though.
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    Can you explain this more?
    I've never heard of living female/male bogi stones. Where are they from?
    Where do you get extraterrestrial rocks?
  6. dragonrider

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    My feeling is that it is probably some variation of new-age hippie BS.

    The only extraterresrial stones a person might have access too would be some kind of meteorite, which are pretty rare. And if a person did have meteorite, I would hope they would have some better use for it than to bury it in their planting mix for growing weed.

    Living female/male bogi stones sounds like something someone made up after smoking their super potent meteorite-grown weed. I have no idea what a living stone would be --- maybe something like the silicon-based life form that they ran into in the original Star Trek series? If that's the case then this guy needs to be careful, because that thing was capable of tunneling through rock and burning people alive.

    Most of the people who believe in energy from crystals would be appalled at how their sacred crystals are obtained. There are many cases of beautiful crystal caverns completely destroyed so that crystals could be sold to wooly-headed doofusses for wands and amulets. Crystal caverns are amazing natural wonders that take millions of years to form. People looking to make a buck go in there with sledgehammers and chisles and tear the place apart and then sell the crystals to people who believe in "energy" from stones.
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    Talk about getting stoned :thumbsup:
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    I have an original pet rock for sale. Any takers?

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    I kid though. There's supposed to be all kinds of undiscovered types of energy out there. Why not as yet unmeasured emmissions from different types and forms of minerals?
  10. Nightcrewman

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    I have held some of these energy giving crystal type things but I have got to admit I have never felt anything from them, I've got to say a rock is just a rock that's all nothing more nothing less.

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    When you're driving down the New York State Thruway, there are layers, upon layers, of sedimentary rock, dating back millions of years, cut out when you near N.Y.C.

    The rest of the Thruway, and Northway, are also beautiful.
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    thats the basis of quantum physics, that everything, at it's most base form, is just energy. On an unrelated note, has anyone ever seen if playing music for your plants affects the potentcy. I know certain types will make it grow faster.
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    Badass. You may have the Elfstones of Shannara. Do they glow blue and kill creatures of the night?
  14. Doctor Whoov

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    I have a clock radio in my room with the local public station all the time. I remember seeing those experiments in school where they played rock for group a and classical for group b and group b was healthy and group a was all scragglry.

    I havent personally tried an actual comparison yet but if it's working well now why fuck it up right.

    By the way great avitar. I'm a huge Zappa fan.
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    Great series
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