Stop smoking pill and pot?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by hydroponicphx, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. hydroponicphx

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    So I went to the doctors today for some allergy medicine, and ended up walking out with a prescription for this stuff that supposedly blocks your nicotine receptors to help with quitting cigarettes...what I am wondering is, are the THC and nicotine receptors related in any way? Will I not be able to get high anymore?! I looked around on gOOgle for anything about it but couldnt really find much...except this, which doesn't look too good from what I can understand. Any ideas?
  2. dill

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    It will not effect the thc what so ever :p.
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  3. hydroponicphx

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    Altogether, our results indicate that blockade of {alpha}7 nicotinic receptors reverses abuse-related behavioral and neurochemical effects of cannabinoids. Importantly, MLA reversed the effects of cannabinoids at doses that did not produce depressant or toxic effects, further pointing to {alpha}7 nicotinic antagonists as potentially useful agents in the treatment of cannabis abuse in humans.

    ...i guess this is more of what I had trouble understanding...
    but thanks dill...good news, very good news indeed!
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    I can see why you had that question. I did, too, after reading that article abstract. What I want to know is whether on any of the accompanying drug information that came with your stop-smoking pill or that you can find on the Web about it says it specifically blocks those same alpha-7 nicotinic receptors in that article. I suspect that for you not to get any effects from a cannabis high, you'd have to take something that wholly blocked your CB1 receptors, but the fact that nicotinic-receptor blocking also seems to be an angle for blocking cannabis effects is astonishing news to me. I'll be interested to know what you experience when you try smoking cannabis while using that pill and whether you can tell any differences first-hand.

    Fortunately, you've not been prescribed anything that blocks your CB1 receptors, but I'm gathering they must work together with those alpha-nicotinic receptors somehow. Be sure and follow up and let us know what you experience!
  5. partcleguy

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    Wow that is really strange. I'm surprised THC would "fit" and affect nicotinic receptors. Makes me wonder even more how cigarettes and weed interact...
  6. hydroponicphx

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    Well, I'm going to start it on Monday I guess...I'll let everyone know how it works out! The doc said I should start to notice it in 5-7 days!
  7. birdgirl73

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    What's the name of the stop-smoking med, Hydrdoponiphx? I want to read about it!
  8. hydroponicphx

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    Ah, I don't have the prescription here at work with me! It starts with a C...Chantix. I'm not for sure, but that sounds right!

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