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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by TanCep123, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. TanCep123

    TanCep123 Registered

    yes believe it or not i will be storing my mj for 2 months because i will be outa the states. how long does mj keep before it looses its potency? is there anything that can be done to keep it fresh? what's your guys' experience.

  2. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Keep it in a glass jar if possible. I can't guarantee it'll stay fresh but it should still be able to get you high.
  3. whenever you get back you might wanna throw an apple slice or orange peel in it for 6 or 7 that shyt gets the bud all nice and moist and sticky again even if it was brittle dry...might also wanna keep it in a fridge/freezer...but i've never done that so i dunno
  4. Lightitup44

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    Damn, 2 months thats a while. I would personally smoke all of it unless you couldn't get more or for any other reasons. If storing...use mason jars and maybe some bags to keep airflow tight.

  5. Lurker

    Lurker Registered+

    uhmmmmm.. my weed is almost two months and it got a little dry just a little but not dry and brittle still as potent as before i just keep it in two ziplocks..
  6. emnine

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    It actually takes weed quite a while to lose its potency. So the best thing to do is put it in a plastic ziploc, seal all but one corner, suck the air out till the plastic clings to the bud, seal, fold up nice and good, and stick it in the freezer.
  7. thewooman

    thewooman Banned

    everytime i always get my weed from my dealer its always dry...

    what does this mean? :confused:
  8. well it could mean alot of things.....the most common reason for dry bud around here is that it is coming in mass quantaties (like whole field harvest or something) and it's been hanging around awhile cuz they're having problems gettin it off their hands......but i get dry weed about half the time....just chunk an apple slice in i said before it gets it all nice and moist n' sticky all over again plus for some reason gives it an extra smoothness to it....
  9. Sentinel

    Sentinel Registered+

    use a glass airtight jar plastics are not completely airtight
  10. partyguy420

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    one of my friends said that if u put weed in an air tight contianer it will gain the power to get u high.*couldnt spell potency*
  11. mono repin

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    Do not put it in the freezer, waste of time. Just put it in a jar, out of sunlight. When you get back check how dry it is. It will probobly need an orange peel, but no bid deal. How much is it you are trying to save anyways? Like someone else said, if it's not that much just smoke that shit now.
  12. TanCep123

    TanCep123 Registered

    mono repin , it's about 7/8 o .
  13. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    Yeah, unless you're not leaving for a while, better store that shit, or maybe try and sell it?
  14. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    2 months is nothing to store yer weed.
    Do this:
    Put it into a small jar that seals tight. The less air space left over the better so use a jar that is as close to the size of your stash as possible. This will keep it fresher.
    Now, VERY important if you dont want any chance of mold or fungus growing put a small slice of orange peel only in the jar with it. Seal it up and put it in a cool dark place. NO sun and NO freezer.
    Itll keep it clean and will even give it a nice smooth taste.
    This will all cure your bud and Itll be nicer when you get it out than when you put it in.
  15. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    If you put the orange peel in with the weed that will introduce moisture and the kind of stuff that will cause fungus. Thats why your only supposed to have the peel in for a short amount of time.
  16. RidingHigh

    RidingHigh Registered+

    He knows his shit.
  17. mono repin

    mono repin Registered+

    Why thank you sir.
  18. mamma puffpuff420

    mamma puffpuff420 Registered+

    it just depend,s

    weed,s r different..just like they smoke...i hid some smoke ,and didnt find it 4 six yr,s(truth)..and it kicked ma butt...took it 2 disney land and had a blast..
    just make sure that wherever u store it(glass iz best)make sure its good and dark...have a good trip
  19. Sentinel

    Sentinel Registered+

    no1 sells individual mason jars its quite annoying
  20. Goodman3eb

    Goodman3eb Registered+

    You can buy vacuum sealing jars that actually have a small manual vacuum pump in the lid... maybe something to think about?

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