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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by AmericanTerrorist, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Anyone stored urine before? I havent stored it for drug testing purposes but I have for growing one time. I usually let it sit and forment for awhile to make the nutrients in it more available. While it formented the smell would get stronger and stronger until it was unbearable and i tossed it at the end of my grow. Anyone know how to store uring without formenting it??? If i pour it in a cup and hand it to an employer its gonna reaaak like old piss
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    Big time. The way they test for old piss is that bacteria starts growing after about 18 hours or so. I hear the best way is to freeze it, in which case it should be good for one year. You can also convert it to powder form and make it a "just add water setup".
    Make sure you freeze fresh piss. Freeze it right away after it is drained from the bladder.
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    ^^^ yup hes right....basically though dude, if youre going substitution method, buy one of the powder pees online...theyre like 15 bucks and about the size of three pill capsules, all you need is warm water or cold water and heat pads (which most of the sites sell with the fake pee) its so much better than freezing, thawing, and having to have actual urine in your pocket or whatever and risk the stink

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