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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by mixmandan, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. mixmandan

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    I've brought an ounce of white widow and would like to know the best way of storing it to keep it in top condition. I've been told you can freeze it or stick it in the fridge and someone else said to put a piece of potato in with it to keep it from drying out.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  2. jupiter

    jupiter Registered

    freeze it

    freezing is fine for conservating weed :)
    a peace of potatoe should do fine but in my opinion, storing it in a vacuum bag is better...

    in a vacuum bag in the freezer of course! ! !
  3. mixmandan

    mixmandan Registered

  4. MizeryU

    MizeryU Registered

    dont put no potatoe with your shit for long periods of storing
    moe than a day or two n that shit could get moldy
  5. OrangeHairs INC

    OrangeHairs INC Registered+

    Yeah man consider yourself lucky if it drys. If you keep it in a plastic bag with the moisture that shits gonna go moldy. I know from personal experiance. Put it in a paper bag or something. Or you could just smoke it all before you even have a chance to think about it.
  6. mixmandan

    mixmandan Registered

    I've put a bit in a couple of bags in the freezer and the rest wrapped up in several bags and put it in an airtight container I usually use for my peanuts. Hope I don't smoke the peanuts by mistake;
    I'll keep you apprised on if it stays alright.

    I'm also after some seeds to grow at home; I live in a flat so I'm limited on space and don't have a cupboard that I can fit a light into. Basically, I'm going to be limited in growing it in a pot in my kitchen near the window which gets good sunlight all day (when the sun actually does come out).

    Are there seeds that work better in these conditions?


  7. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    when completely dry store your buds in a air tight jar stored in a cool dark place,,this method works for me take out and use when required check on a regular basis.. for any signs of mould you can smell it before u see it...hope this has been of some help
  8. ndhawk

    ndhawk Registered+

    I just put my bud in baggies and put them in a dark place, ive never had any problems
  9. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    however you store your buds make sure its good to toke if you detect any mould or sign of damp..discard its not worth matter how good it was originally
  10. junkboxer

    junkboxer Registered+

    if you vaccum pack your buds and put them in a dark place......if theres any bit of moisture wont it mold no matter what? and if you put it in the freezer does it matter how cold it gets. i have a mini fridge in my room which has a freezer that is crazy me ice cubes in about 15 to 20 min. is that fine?
  11. Lovinhigh

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    best to make sure the stuff is DRY before storing away. cure the stuff properly and you will be thankful later. Storing in a vacuum seal is such a great idea, and if stored in a freezer you shouldn't have moldy problems later on. Mold cannot grow in freezing conditions, so your freezer is a-ok. Make sure to store your stuff in a comfortable, room-temperature setting when you're ready to take your stuff from the freezer to use. Before you smoke (or give to someone else to smoke) make sure your stuff is dry and that it smells okay. If it doesn't smell quite right or if it looks and feels that something is wrong then, of course, don't smoke it. Good luck.
  12. sawleaf

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    Airtight mason jars are the best way to store your buds. Plastic baggies are charged with static electricity that pulls off a lot of the tricomes. Why do you think your baggies always look hazy afterwards. Seal the buds in canning mason jars and keep them in a cool dark place. The fridge is fine.
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  13. Alternative05

    Alternative05 Registered

    i think this guys seems to know his shit... oh by the tim, and im am stoned outta this world..haha but fo serious, this method works pretty good.
  14. YES

    YES Registered+

    I keep my weed in tin containers. Works fine. I have all different size containers too.
    Ive never had moldy weed.
  15. tokinsmoke

    tokinsmoke Registered+

    if u put it in a paper bag its gonna
    dry out...

    and u gotta watch it cuz if ya put
    it in a paper bag move it around cuz
    it will mold...

  16. Durden

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  17. del...

    del... Registered+

    for long term storage glass with an air-tight seal is best (mason or fruit canning jars). do not store in the freezer...freezing bursts cells and adds to degeneration. use the fridge, out of the way on a lower shelf or any dark, cool the floor of a closet. plastic bags and tupperware (along with tins) are not air tight and the flowers will keep on drying out over time. do not add fruit or veggies unless you are restoring overdried bud, and then only just until the desired humidity is put back...then remove the fruit/vegetable.

    once your finished product is properly cured it will retain some moisture but still be plenty dry to roll or load the bowl. totally dry is not good and will lead to more rapid degeneration.
  18. caralina bud man

    caralina bud man Registered


    just two words MASON JARS!!lol
  19. roll it up

    roll it up Registered+

    straight up.mason work good for me.i use baggies for small amounts like a gram,and if i dont got a baggie or anything i put it in my dank tank(film canister)
  20. waco33

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    I have and Idea and I would like some input, please. i am going to harvest soon and this is my virginity we are talking about. I recently bought a vaccume seeler and was woundering after I let my buds dry correctly, if when I seel them, if it would be a good idea to put a orange peel or apple peel in the bag. Im thinking, put the slice twards the end so that it doesnt acctualy touch the buds.
    do you think this would be a great way to get some sented aroma from you buds, or will it just cause problems with hydration to the buds, and cause mold. thanks for your reply.:jointsmile:

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