Strain for laugh and strain for work out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by SFBayArea, Oct 19, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    Looking for a specific strain that I can either purchase at the local dispensary or cultivate myself.
    Basically I want a nice/light strain that uplift you and gives you good laugh without horrible cravings. Second strain is something that in small quantity would give me a good physical uplift and energize me for a workout.
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    it means we got all the hustlers we can use

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    you want a sativa. Is cannabis legal where you live? Even if it is, there's a good chance that the strains you see aren't the actual genetics that you read about online. If you wanna know more about how to tell the differences between strains you can check out my guide to strains, it talks about the basics of interpening, which interprets the effects of various strains of cannabis based on the smells created by the terpenes that are in cannabis since strain names are unreliable. There are also other visual factors, such as density. If you want a sativa (sounds like you do), you want more wispy open buds, which is typically characteristic of sativa strains.

    If you plan on growing, you might be able to trust you're getting the right genetics a little better, but I'd only trust it if you bought seeds from the Netherlands, because most genetics don't match the strain they're labeled as, especially in the states, and even in the NL sometimes, but if you're picking a strain to grow you can't really see its characteristics before you grow it, so that's when strain research is more valid.

    Personally, if I was deciding on a strain to grow that matches the characteristics you're describing, I'd go with a Haze strain, like Super Silver Haze, Royal Haze, or Amnesia Haze.

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