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  1. AladdinSane

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    Just thinking, as one does, if you could trademark strain names. Akin to buying up URLs, then benefiting from such foresight.

    Peace and Love
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  2. Pupp

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    Some do. Sensi Seeds does.
    The problem is that anybody else just adds the name of their company or some other small change. For example: K.C. Brains Seeds call their version "Northern Lights Special"

    I'd say the cost of suing somebody would be more than it's worth. The standard defense would be that it's full name of the strain would include the name of the seed bank.

    Best to just create an awesome strain and use the word "original" in it. Other seed banks would respect that. You should trademark that though. It's important to trademark the original strain you create so that people will know your the seed bank with the original genetics. Plus you can charge around $9.50 to $11.50 per seed.

    That being said, expect knockoffs that are just as good or better than your original creation. Still, many people are purists and will gladly pay good $$ for original strain genetics.

    If I ever start growing my own, I'd seriously c0nsider getting Northern Lights seeds from Sensi seeds. Not my first couple grows though. I'll need to cut my teeth on inexpensive seeds.
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  3. Plumber07

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    Just saw one of my clients today who's a grower, been a family business since he was a kid. Great guy to boot. So today I gave him a bottle of hash tincture and a dozen caps and installed a new garbage disposal and replaced all the drainage lines and charged him $150 (he always pays cash) and he hands me a small paper bag which I stuck in my tool bag that I tossed in the back of the truck and headed home, a 20 minute drive. Five minutes from home the truck reeked. I figured he just tossed a few buds in the paper bag. Nope, he put a 1/2 oz in a sealed baggy. Took one bong toke about 20 minutes ago and am fried. OMG!

    I say that to say this, a grower in his group won best Sativa in LA last year. He crossed the same strain I grew last year that I got from my client with Gorilla Glue and calls it Lemonade. Will it last? Who knows and I have yet to see any for sale. I'll ask about it next week when I take him some clones.

    If I ever develop anything worth wild I'll call it Captain Kurt, as his name is Kurt. I know the captain of the Enterprise is "Kirk" but Kurt's flowers put me in space.

    Here's a pic of today's gift. Quality flower like this around these parts run $300-400 an oz. Time for another hit.

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  4. EvilCartman

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    I don't see the value in doing it.
    The cannabis industry is like the wild west. Make up a catchy name, there are no rules.
    Just stay away from others trademarks, like "Chiquita" and "Gorilla Glue". :eyesroll:

    One hit weed that tests out in the 35% range is so common, now.
    A friend gifted me something called "Top Shelf Banjo".... it's ridiculous, as good as anything out there.

    I'm pretty stoked about going to a gene trading event here in MA, tomorrow. Finally getting my hands on ECSD and C-Banana, for sure.
    Hoping to see a good variety. Last event was good, though I did note a crew looking to move "Skittlez" for an absurd donation.
    Ha, there's one in every crowd... :pirate:
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  5. Pupp

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    I mostly agree. I think if your a professional breeder/seed bank, there is a good reason to trademark a strain name, although, even then it probable won't make financial sense. If your just a amateur creating strains, then it's not worth the hassle. I can't think of any scenario in which a single strain would be worth dedicating a website to it. There are nearly 13,000 strains in High quality strains and very high quality knockoffs, that are capable of being better than the original strain are already prevalent.
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