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    The Scoop
    Frosty, potent, and loaded with trichomes, Super Glue is a heady hybrid cross between the ever-popular Afghani and old-school favorite Northern Lights. Like a warm day on the beach in late fall, this Indica-dominant hybrid relaxes the conscious mind and soothes the restless soul.

    Super Glue is one of those rare birds. High in both THC and CBD (relatively speaking), she’s occasionally found in West Coast dispensaries. Super Glue, when properly cultivated and cared for, produces a thick white coat of THC-encrusted trichomes around her dense flowers. Tipping some THC test levels in the low-20% range, the strain works wonders for those suffering from seizures, muscle spasms, pain, and the occasional stressful day.

    More About This Strain
    Palatable and appealing, the woodsy earth tones hint at the flavor to come. In a well-cleaned bong, the first hit of Super Glue smacks of her woodsy earth tones and quickly delivers her cannabinoid-rich relief. Lifting the crushing weight of anxiety and dispensing with physical discomfort and stress, Super Glue is a rare find at your average dispensary.

    Buy it if you can find it! She’s loaded with flavor and medicinal compounds just waiting to be unleashed. As the scent of Super Glue’s lemon and skunk terps suggests, the wide spectrum of terpenes available in Super Glue helps to provide its overall calming, blissful, and uplifting effects.

    The available terpenes found in Super Glue run the spectrum of her parental lineage. Deep in the sweet-earth / spicy category on her Afghani side, and a mixture of piney earthiness from her Northern Lights side, Super Glue is a West Coast phenom that’s hard to find east of the Rockies.

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