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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by bobthenuker, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Well, I, as well as probably a few of you, suffer from chronic migraines. Those who know the excruciating pain and deprivation of life don't need me to describe it. Anywho, I've tried smoking cannabis a few times as soon as soon as my spidey senses tingled and warned me of an oncoming one. I've also tried smoking while I have a migraine attack (doesn't work so well, still seem to vomit and have the pain). What I've found though, is that cannabis is not a good medicine personally for helping migraine attacks, but damn good at preventing them with continual use. I noticed that a while back, during the fall time(which usually is a bad time since the weather changes drastically) my friend hooked me up with a pretty steady supply and as I smoked everyday, the migraines just stopped coming. I smoked this also around the time the winter months came in, maybe 1-2 migraines a month, and even they weren't so bad. However, when he got a new stash and started supplying me, my migraines seemed to come back around spring time rolled around, even though I smoke almost every day.

    Now I've kept a migraine journal for two years now and have taken very specific notes on all the days I have attacks, and as I've reviewed it recently I've just realized that strange trend around that time, called up my friend asking him what strain it was, he said he couldn't remember. In all fairness my migraines have been steady for much of my entire life since childhood, so I'm rather confident that that specific strain had a good impact on my head, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! In any case, I've since been steadily taking some other natural medication and it's helping, yet I would love to know what that strain was, so that I may try to reduce my migraines and headaches even more. So to just get to my question, does anyone know of any specific strains that seem to help migraines, preferably from someone who actually has them and has a card.

    I remember Storm Crow mentioning it, perhaps you could help out if you're reading this? All help is welcome; fucking migraines. :thumbsup:
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    I haven't had a lot of strains, but of the one's I've had Fire OG, and Glue have been a life saver.
    They both stopped the pain, and vomiting...but who knows how those would work for someone
    else. Glue, by far is my favorite.
  3. skolar

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    I have been suffering from chronic cluster headaches for almost ten years, I know the feeling, I have also found that constant use does have a positive effect on the cycle. I get them almost daily like clock work all year long, but I have tried many strains I like Skunk #1, it seems to help with the onset. Good luck and remember your not alone.
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    Thanks for the recomendations guys, I'll have to write these down for future reference...Glue haha, have never heard of that, doesn't sound to appetizing but I'll write it down.
  5. Storm Crow

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    For me.....

    Indicas work best. Sativas give me partial protection. I still can get "shadow migraines" - same pain pattern, but at a "just a headache" level of pain.

    But I believe that my migraines are due to a childhood head injury, so my results may not be the same as yours.

    One of these years, scientists will catch up with us potheads and give the strain (and hopefully, the chemical profile) of the cannabis they use in their studies! I know I get different result from different plants- besides THC and CBD there are quite a few other chemicals in cannabis.

    To say that "cannabis" does "X", is rather simplistic. A Mexican landrace sativa will not always give the same results as an inbred indica. Chemically, the two are rather different! Just the difference in the highs should tell you that much! :stoned: :Rasta:

    All I can say is that heavy, couch-lock indicas work best for me. Hope you find your perfect strain! :thumbsup:

    Granny :hippy:
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    I have also found that indica dom strains can all but alleviate the onset and lessen the effects of migraines. Sativa dom strains like SSH will intensify the "shards of pain" in my experience
  7. killerweed420

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    From personal experience I find that smoking cannabis isn't as helpful as edibles. It took about 6 months of eating 3 or 4 brownies a day to get rid of my arthritis pain. But it is working great. I'm almost at the point where I think I can enter the jpb market again. If there was a job market to return
  8. Storm Crow

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    For body pain....

    My hubby agrees with you. A "magic muffin" in the morning, makes the day go a lot smoother! :thumbsup:

    Granny :hippy:
  9. bobthenuker

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    I guess I'll have to move to a med state and start sampling then, but yes, I've always noticed indicas worked much better.

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